Darren Rovell On NBA, CB4 and More

For readers in the Toronto area you may know Darren Rovell from his appearances on Fan 590 on Prime Time Sports. He works for CNBC on the sports business beat. There has been a lot of talk of economics lately and what the state of things is in the NBA. Darren is an expert in that regard for all sports. So who better to talk about these issues with than him? I can't think of to many people. We talk about the state of the NBA. The NBA All-Star Weekend...Geico and all. Along with the trade deadline and the impact of the economy on that. Also a couple Raptor issues. What about CB4 and his future as relates to 2010. Also you may have been reading about my latest thoughts on Steve Nash as a target for the Raptors. What does a sports business expert think about my plan to bring Nash home to Canada? All answers are in this interview:

I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did in doing it. I have always enjoyed Darren's work and think he is great a what he does. You can check out his work on all sports not just the NBA at www.darrenrovell.com

He is also a regular guest as mentioned on Prime Time Sports. I hope to have Darren back in the future to talk about NBA issues from the business point of view. People keep telling me sports is a business after all. Combine that with the economic times we live in, makes sense to get someone who is an expert on these topics to give his take on how things are doing.

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  1. I didn't know Darren appears on Prime time sports from time to time...I always read his blog through CNBC...