The Long Road Ahead.

So the Raptors need to figure out how to fix this mess. Well more to the point Bryan Colangelo does. I have an interview later today so given that I thought we would make a list of things Bryan Colangelo must do prior to next season. As with all lists there could always be others and feel free to add your thoughts if you see something missed on the list. So here is the list in no particular order.

  • Determine if CB4 is in or out. If you believe Stephen A Smith and Jalen Rose he may already know. But have a conversation at the end of the year and see if this is something that can be worked out or not.
  • Address the wing position and find a legit scorer and slasher to start at that position.
  • Re-Evaluate this entire roster from top to bottom. It is clear this is needed based on his thoughts prior to this season
  • Find a new coach for the future. Someone with a proven track record would be preferred.
  • Make choices on free-agents and restricted free agents. A.P,Joey G and a few others do any of them deserve to come back?
  • Based on the cap room he will have or not have make a push to be a player in free agent market this off-season with most teams waiting for 2010 it is a chance to find some talent and not be forced into overpaying to the level you might have to in 2010.
  • Determine what style of team this is going to be. Build to that vision.
  • Explore any and all trade options that may be out there.
  • Improve this defense find role players that are defense first guys. Position is not as important as it is to just find guys that can defend.
  • Pray for better days
I also wanted to make you aware that the commissioner of the NBA will be appearing with Jack and Doug on the Game Plan on the Fan 590. He is scheduled to be on at 2:20pm EST. That should be interesting to hear what Stern has to say about the state of the league in these tough economic times. Will see what he has to say. Raptors have a day to recover and get ready for the T-Wolves. If they don't win that one they are looking at a 9 game losing streak with Spurs followed by the Cavs right after the All Star Break.


  1. Jay Triano is a bum! Sometimes teams should hire someone else mid-season - this is one of those times.

  2. I think Jay is a respected basketball person but that being said for any guy to make the move with in an organization from assistant to head coach is difficult and few have been able to do it successfully.

    So personal insult aside I don't debate the point however is it difficult to bring in a guy mid-season as the fear is a couple things

    A) anyone good is going to demand a long term deal. So that is a problem.

    B) If you do not wait til the off-season you could miss out on a quality candidate that may be fired. So it pays to wait and see the whole field of candidates.

    Lastly if you are going to call someone a bum. Have the courage to attach a name to the comment. I just think that is only fair.

  3. What makes a GM believes an assistant can do better than the coach that assistant was assisting to is beyond my understanding.

  4. But again for the reasons above it does not make sense. However it is not like he is going to say he expects Jay to fail. I think he gave Jay a chance to make himself a candidate and thus far he has not done that.