Raptors Rewind- Lakeshow Game Notes

So I was off covering Lebron James who had a massive triple double. He had a great night at MSG. 52 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds. I was surprised in checking in on the Raps game (which is not easy to do) that Raps were hanging with the Lakers. But based on all that happened I may be more discouraged despite what seems like a great effort. But Calderon did not play at all and Bosh would go down with a sprained knee. I mean this totally screws up everything. Bryan Colangelo is really screwed in a couple ways. First and foremost the trade deadline. J.O can not be dealt if Bosh is not healthy. That is not good when you look towards the off-season which despite what some might say is and should be the focus. You also have this Joey Graham surge. I am worried about this. Joey Graham is on fire. I even stated and meant it that Joey should be in the starting line-up. That being said if he keeps on this run is this going will it lead to him getting re-signed here in Toronto? If that happens I may go crazy because I am still not sold. Joey seems to do his best when it means the least. I just do not think he has shown up when this team is playing well and winning. I think re-signing Joey Graham would be a huge error.

1st Quarter
  • Confusion of the tip and Raps get the ball.
  • Nice turn around in paint For Bargnani
  • Odom a stater again gets a good start.
  • J.O with a bucket.
  • Alley Opp for Kobster misfired
  • Air Ball Andrea
  • Derek Fisher is under rated in reality, In NBA 2K9 he is not
  • Kobester nice mid range jumper.
  • Joey G the first of many based on having seen the script
  • J.O takes it hard at Gasol for basket and 1
  • Joey G with the jammage.
  • Fisher contested 3 and miss.
  • Raps 10 in paint already....Big 3 line up I hate doing better against Lakers.
  • AP 3 and plus 1
  • The more uncontested 3 we are use to the Fisher nails.
  • Kobster makes the 3 ball look like a chip shot.
  • Back to back 3 balls for Cabbie's good friend.
  • Andrea drives and draw the foul
  • Moon continues to be unimpressive
  • Kobe off to a hot start with 14 but missed the free throw
  • Shocking Raps lead after 1, more shocking they scored 31
2nd Quarter
  • Moon jumper and a miss, I am hating on Moon and it is deserved.
  • Pau Gasol is an all star too, he shows you why
  • Bosh is all star too
  • Odom looking good by the way free agent 2009
  • Roko shoots an air ball. That is why Parker is playing point.
  • Odom is really good and you forget how much so.
  • Easy buck for Farmar
  • J.O having a good night as he scores gets a block other end, But Gasol finishes
  • Kapono will not 3 peat in 3 point shoot out. He is awful with capital A
  • Gasol scores again.
  • Moon a finish of alley oop
  • Roko drives and scores, I just hope this season does not impact badly on him. He has a chance
  • J.O nice turn around
  • great ball movement but an Andrea miss from 3.
  • Odom finishes some equally impressive ball movement with a score.
  • J.O takes elbow to head from Andrea but is ok and gets the score and foul to prove it.
  • Joey G for 3? You are kidding me right?
  • Graham hustles beat Odom to the ball, hustle did not get rewarded with point on offense.
  • Kobe has gone cold. I am sure this will not last.
  • J.O hooking up Joey G.
  • Kobster still cold.
  • Bargnani scores in paint
  • J.O finding the fountain of youth lately.
  • Raps lead but Laker get bucket at buzzer
3rd Quarter.
  • AP working on glass tonight good job
  • Lakers get a score.
  • Bargnani hooked up by Bosh.
  • J.O found fountain of youth on this night
  • Kobe is officially uncold.
  • Pau Gasol jumper over J.O
  • Couple misses for Bargnani and JO
  • Parker makes it happen calling his own number.
  • and again he has 12 all 5 starter in double figures.
  • More Joey G Highlight Material
  • Gasol scores on offensive glass.
  • Raptor offensive game has been good not just jump shots.
  • More good ball movement leads to Bargnani drive and score
  • Kobe with pretty no look pass to Gasol for the jam
  • Bargnani shooting not great but made that one
  • Lamar Odom picking it up with no Bynum
  • Parker makes a 3 ball from his address on Parkerville court.
  • Kobe finds open Walton for jumper
  • JO hooks up Joey G with a nice pass
  • Kobe has game.
  • Moon nice board no finish
  • JO making blocks and playing a huge roll on both ends
  • Odom jammage
  • Joey G can't miss he has 20
  • Kobe unimpressed nails a shot right back at Joey.
  • Roko missed an easy lay up.
  • Joey G nice D on Kobe cause him to take to long and missed last second shot
4th Quarter
  • Bargnani follow his miss and misses again
  • Makes a 3 later
  • Bosh does not look right.
  • Roko drives and scores.
  • Farmar scores on the second chance
  • Roko drives and scores again
  • Bosh on the bench and head back to locker room to get checked out.
  • JO with a huge block his 7th
  • Missed a dunk on other end but blocks another shot
  • Farmar makes shot after block though
  • Kobe with a long range step back 2 pointer. give Lakers lead
  • Sasha (Paris Hilton's Favourite Player) for a big 3 pointer.
  • Joey Graham easy Jam
  • Kobe makes a play for a score
  • Kobe doing it again and Lakers biggest lead of 6
  • Kobe a miss and Parker though he was fouled but no call
  • Parker would get a huge 3 to keep hope alive
  • Kobe another miss.
  • Joey basket and foul
  • Kobe makes a big shot to ice it.
The Raptors did play very well. But I really did not like the tone of everyone. It was like the Raptors were being rewarded with praise for bringing effort. Guess what this is professional basketball you should bring it 82 nights a year. Raptors played up to the competition on this night. We are far beyond the point of moral victories. I am also sick of hearing how few games Raptors are out of the playoffs despite their awful record. Look they are in 14 place and as I explained that fact is far more important to me. That means you have far to many teams you have to pass to get it. Not to mention 2 of your best 3 players are hurt. No offense intended to JO and Joey Graham who were fantastic. But at this point if that is suppose to get me excited that 2 players that I don't see as part of this team's future had great nights, I am not into it. I am not being negative about things I am being realistic there is a huge difference. I would love to tell you I think this means something. However Bosh with strained knee and Calderon with a bum hammy means far more than any moral victory or great performances from anyone. 32 losses and we have not even got to the All Star break. No Bosh and Calderon you will be hard pressed to get any wins in the 4 remaining games. Not saying they will lose them all but the margin for error has got very small.More thoughts tomorrow but I don't expect to change my mind. I almost forgot the boxscore:

Raps/Lakers Boxscore

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