Matt Devlin Checks In From Minnesota

Matt Devlin pays us a visit from Minnesota. We have an interesting chat on a number of topics. The failure to meet expectations, Stephen A Smith, Bryan Colangelo, CB4 and how you keep up beat as a broadcaster in these tough times. Here what Matt has to say on all of these topics.

Thanks to Matt for checking in with us here at Dino Nation Blog. I think Raptor fans are very concerned and have reason to be. But still it is good to hear some takes from people close to the team. I truly meant what I said about it being a tough job. Many of you may have turned off the T.V set when that Raptors were playing a terrible game against the Grizzlies. However win or lose the broadcast marches on. I always watch it all as well to do what I do here and I admit it is not easy sometimes but hey as Matt said it is great to work covering basketball. I agree with that be it on his level or mine here. There is no doubt it is tough times in Raptorland for everyone.

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