Round Ball Review-Trade Deadline Show Part 1

Here is the real deal. I am heading to Toronto for the day. But I figured why not have the guys from the Round Ball Review entertain you all. This is there first episode of a series of ones based on the NBA Trade deadline. We all know what a big deal that event has become in Hockey. Joey G thinks it should be the same for basketball and is committed to staying on the air from now till Thursday.

Well I am sure we will hear more from the guys as trade deadline approaches. But it is true I am heading down to Toronto. Depending on when I get back I may check in with a late night edition of the blog. But regardless I will be back tomorrow to set us all up for the debut of Shawn Marion as a Raptor. He is said to be taking the # 31 so run out and get a jersey as it may be a collectable if Marion is only here for a short time.

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