Sunday Afternoon Chance To Restore Some Pride

We could talk a lot of technical basketball stuff but really what would be the point. This game coming up in a few hours comes down to one simple word for the Raptors... Pride. I hope we see some or this could get ugly fast at the ACC. When you have people throwing around terms like worst lost of the season, low point of the season and some even going a step further and saying not just this season but in franchise history. Everyone to a man is upset and disturbed and some out right pissed off. That would include the newest Raptor Shawn Marion. He was not afraid to chime in with his thoughts on the way his new team performed on Friday. Good for him. Forget about playoff races that may not be realistic and pretty much everything else. Just go out and play basketball.

I think we will see an improved effort from this team. If we do not it is going to be a very month and half for everyone connected to this team. Jose Calderon really can be the person that can help this along the most. He really needs to see how to take advantage of his new team member in Shawn Marion. He has missed taking advantage of the Matrix on several occasions in the first couple games. Marion to his credit has been pretty good in his first two games. He did have a double double in the course of that debacle in NYC.

It is a light week ahead for the Raptors with just 2 games next week so no reason not to bust your tail out on the floor this afternoon. The Raptors will also have a couple new options to be concerned about as both Wilcox and Hughes should be all legal and good to go to suit up for Knicks this afternoon. That is perhaps something the Raptors can take advantage of as the new guys get adjusted to the high tempo pace of Mike D'Antoni.

On thing is a must for the Raptors above all else. A fast start, without that the ACC will get ugly quickly. I have a feeling it will not take long for this crowd to get ugly if they do not like what they see. Given all this fan base as gone through it would be understandable. From TSN 2 to some of those train wreck like we saw on Friday it has not been an easy season to be a Raptor fan. I won't make the mistake of saying it can only get better from here. Or that this is as bad as it can get. I have thought that a few times earlier in this season only be be proven totally wrong.

It may not mean a lot in the grand scheme of things but for everyone connected to this franchise I hope the Raptors can find some way to pull of a win today. It is badly needed for all.

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