Raps Lose The Thrill and Add Size.

Turns out the Raptors have made a small move. It is a 3 way deal that sees Will Solomon head to the Kings. While Raptors bring in Patrick O'Bryant from the Celtics. With the addition of Marcus Banks in the Marion deal it was clear Will was not getting any minutes. A conditional 2nd round pick head to Boston. The Celtics also unloaded Sam Cassell earlier in the week. O'Bryant is a big that has spent time in D-League with Bakersfield in between time with Golden State who drafted him in 2006 and Boston signed him in 2008. He has played little for the Celtics averaging just 4.2 minutes in just 26 games.He is another 7 foot guy and has something in common with a Raptor on the roster. What is that? He is a Bradley Braves Alumni just like Anthony Parker. This deal was reported on Raptors T.V so it is highly likely it will be confirmed and it is being reported by all the media outlets you would expect.

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  1. The Solomon era is over, and nary a tear shall be shed. We could have had Delfino, but we took Ukic and this guy. Unreal.