When Couldn't Get Worse For Raps It Does.

Things just keep getting worse about this season. Forgive me if I am not impressed or care about the wonderful moral victory last night. If I am not going to spending time talking about J.O great play last night it is not meant to slight him. It is just at this point it is about wins and loses. Same can be said for Joey Graham and his career high 24 points. That is great for Joey in a contract year. It may help him get another contract. I have always said for whatever reason when this team is at it's worst Joey Graham is at his best. I am deeply concerned that Raptors will end up re-signing him. If that happens I can only imagine the Bad Joey will return and people will have been fooled yet again by Joey G.

But those are minor in comparison to the fact that both Calderon and now Bosh are injured. Bosh has been healthy all year and I am pretty sure has yet to miss a game this season. However with what is being called a sprained knee I would think that may go out the window. Calderon meanwhile has been damaged goods all year and I am to the point that I don't think he is going to put this behind him. He has not given his body the time heal and I think he will be plagued by this for the rest of the year as a result. Now of course I am not a doctor and don't even play one on the internet but I don't think you need a medical degree to understand what is going on with Calderon. The only way a hamstring truly will heal is with rest. Calderon has not been able to sit by and feel confident that the people behind him can get the job done. He like everyone else can see the need to have him on the floor. Problem is if he goes out there not at 100% he is not helping anyone least of all his injury. He is challenged on defense at 100%. He is beaten badly and it hurts the team's overall defense.

Bosh Injury What Will It Mean For Deadline?

Will Bosh injury impact on Bryan Colangelo's plans for the deadline? If Bosh was out of line up and he made a move for J.O it would seem clear that all hope was gone for this season. Raps depth at the two big spots is extremely damaged. Kris Humphries is out and now Bosh it leaves you with O'Neal, Bargnani, Voskhul and Jawai. O'Neal has not exactly been durable. Now Bosh is expected to only be out a few games perhaps. Bryan Colangelo suggested that on Fan 590 this morning. However now you have to be concerned about the durability of Bosh as well.

It would be a mistake to change the plan moving forward. To keep hope alive for making the 8th spot in the playoffs? I don't think so. That makes no sense at all. It would be a huge issue if you bought into the Steven A Smith story that Bosh is leaving. But Colangelo has denied the story and has made it clear he is not looking to move Bosh. A injured Bosh would not get as much you would figure. No matter what you choose to believe this injury may seal any doubt that Bosh is not being dealt before the deadline. Colangelo has no intention of being compared to Rob Babcock and if a Bosh trade was ever to happen he is not going to get screwed on the value he would get in return. So in a sense the Bosh injury might be a blessing for the Raptors. It eliminates a lot of things from the conversation.

Raptors Limp Off On The Road

A 3 game road trip that before last night offered some hope for the Raptors now looks bleak. The Hornets are banged up as well and have injury issues as Chris Paul has been battling an injury. You also have games against the T-Wolves and Grizzlies. You could make a case of 2 or 3 wins for the Raptors. But now with no Bosh? No Calderon? What are the chances of getting a win now? Raps have lost 4 straight and will be hard pressed to find a win prior to the All Star Break. It just was the worse time for a Bosh injury if you held out any hope for this team and it's playoff chances.

Lakers Becoming the Cowboys of The NBA

I was working on the game between the Knicks and Cavs last night for The Score. There was a lot of talk in that broadcast about the amount of love that was in MSG for the Lakers and again at the ACC there was a lot of Laker love in the house. It reminds me of my favourite football team the Dallas Cowboys. I remember making a trip down to Detroit to watch the Cowboys play back in the days of Akiman, Irvin and E Smith (The Hall of Fame Football Guy Not The Raptor Radio Guy) it was like a Cowboy Fan convention. The cheers at the Silverdome the Lions home at the time were louder for Cowboys.

Kobe Bryant and his band of Lakers are attracting that kind of circus coming to town feel. Lakers only play in Eastern Conference arenas once a year and it is becoming an event. Lakers have a massive fan base across North America and honestly the world. This is nothing new in Toronto though. When Rockets come to town Yao Ming draws quite the crowd of supporters as well. Still to hear MSG chanting MVP for a guy on another team seems wrong.

Still all of this Laker love did not put Kobe on top of Blogger M.V.P Rankings but that was prior to his 61.

Blogger MVP and ROY Rankings

A Streak Dies In Motor City

Just a brief mention that shows times are tough around the NBA. The Pistons have always made a big deal of the consecutive sellout streak they have enjoyed at The Palace the home of DETROIT BASKETBALL. Well the streak is over and that speaks to the tough times in Michigan and the tough times for Pistons on the floor as well.

So that is it for today. Not much happy news for you but hey this is the reality of things. Bosh had an MRI last night and the results of that are not know. Everyone is suggesting it is not serious but the timing of it is.

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