Bad Day, Bad Data , Season Looks Doomed

I guess this is no shock. Jalen Rose was shooting off his mouth it only goes to figure that Stephen A Smith felt the need to up the ante on the whole Chris Bosh story about 2010. Stephen A Smith who you will recall insulted Bosh last year and made some rather less than kind comments about him. In other words I am sure he is super tight with Bosh. Hell I may be tighter with Bosh and we have never spoke a word to each other or have met one another in life. We are facebook friends and follow each others twitters. Something tells me Stephen A Smith would get rejected by Bosh. So having said all of this the ESPN so called Insider, or whatever they are calling him this week, claims that Bosh has told Colangelo he is gone in 2010. The real shame is there is not a story about Stephen A going somewhere in 2010. Like to cover basketball in Iceland. But as Smith reports if you can call it that. He says that both Miami and Dallas have interest in Bosh. Heck Stephen A why not make up 5 other teams that want Bosh as well. I mean Phil Jackson was fined for saying he liked Bosh so add the Lakers. Orlando I am sure would love a front court of Bosh and Howard. Houston is not that far from Dallas why not say that a Bosh for T-Mac trade is being talked about? Go all the way. That will teach Jalen Rose for stealing your bit of being a no nothing idiot, in my opinion and I would venture to say I am not alone. Smith did say he did not see Colangelo moving Bosh at the deadline. Which makes total sense because why would he say that he would. Smith could be made to look like a jacka$$ when the trade didn't happen so way to cover that butt Stephen A Smith another great job. The guys at Raptors Republic have the full story and the video of Smith saying his words of wisdom.

As For The Game Today....

I am probably just as angry about that. I mean if you read this morning it is not like I expected the Raptors to win or anything. However the effort of this team was truly brutal in the second half. I mean were that worried they might be late for their Super Bowl party and wanted to make sure this game would not go to overtime? I think the 20+ point Magic win we were certain that was not going to happen after less than a minute into the second half. Here is a link to my live blog for The Score and you can read my thoughts on the game and a number of issues.

I have no doubt Chris Bosh is angry and he should be. First and foremost his own play was not to the level that he expects from himself. His team around him was pretty awful as well. News that Jose Calderon is still not right with his hamstring it just has all the makings of what Bosh did not want to hear a few weeks ago. A lost season. I can not really come up with anything to say to dispute that it is not.

It was a very angry crowd at the ACC today as well. They booed and did it loudly and with just cause. I understand that Bosh and others have suggested that fans should not boo and it serves no purpose. However I share in common a love of the Dallas Cowboys with Chris Bosh. In the last game ever at Texas Stadium the Cowboys were booed off the field for a terrible performance against the Baltimore Ravens. I don't hear anyone in the NFL saying Dallas Cowboy fans are bad. They like Raptor fans just expected and demanded more effort from the team they love. So here is an idea don't complain about the people booing just do what you can to change it. I admit that I have no idea what it feels like to be booed by 19,000 people. I am sure it feels awful. If it happened to me though I would bust my butt to make sure it never happened again.

The focus of Bryan Colangelo and this fan base is rapidly going to shift to next season. It is time for the people on this roster to show if they want to be part of the future in Toronto or not. I am not just talking about Bosh and 2010. I am talking about every player on this roster. I really don't anyone on this roster should be untouchable at this point beyond Bosh and that is based on thinking Stephen A Smith is wrong which I am confident he is. I would want to know what each and ever player is worth. It is not to say I would trade a Bargnani or Calderon but I would at least want a idea what they are worth.

The only thing I am clear about as this is the start of February. It is going to be a long 3 months in Raptorland. This was far from what was advertised at the start of the season.

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