Pasta For 2?

Things had become a little blah in Raptorland. But when Bryan Colangelo is your G.M that is just a phone call away from changing. Colangelo never allows himself be satisfied with what he has done. He also seems to have strong feelings about certain players and does not seem to rest until he lands them. That all being said if you have not heard the latest move of the "Super Genius" that is Colangelo here it is.

Marco Belinelli To Toronto

Devean George and $$$ To Golden State

I truly scratch my head as to what is in this deal for Golden State. Anytime you trade a player past his prime to get a guy that has yet to reach his potential is a good move. Not unlike the signing of Jarrett Jack this also offers a friend for Andrea Bargnani to have on the roster. Clearly things did not work out for Marco in Golden State after he was drafted he had tore up Summer League and looked to have a very bright future.

Here are his career numbers from NBA.Com. The Raptors also save a minor amount of cash in the deal. Belinelli has a year remaining on his rookie contract. While George is set to be a free agent after this season. Just another weapon to add to the mix for Bryan Colangelo. There real is nothing to lose and a lot to gain in this deal.

This has been a heck of a summer in which Bryan Colangelo has re-established himself with the fans and perhaps his superstar in Chris Bosh. Clearly even Bosh has to admit that Colangelo has done all humanly possible to improve this team. What this will mean in terms of filling out that last roster spot is unclear. It may allow Raptors to sign Carlos Delfino. However it might also give them some leverage to negotiate with Delfino as he would now be a luxury and not a requirement.

But for now yet another Bravo for B.C it has been a heck of a summer.

Update 1pm

Here is the official press release from the Toronto Raptors on Belinelli trade. They also confirmed the signing of Rasho Nesterovic and his return to the Raptors.


  1. GO Bryan Colangelo!

    Bryan should be the new mayor of toronto! lol

    RAPS are gonna kill it next season..so my message to all the naysayers and haters..jump on the bandwagon now while nobodys looking! Raps are going ALL..THE...WAYYYYY!

    BC FTW!

  2. hey james do you think they should get joey g for the backup 3 he would be perfect in that role good rebounder and defender for cheap..

  3. Nice pick up by BCo.!

    Lots of comments, positive and negative flying around the net about Marco. But the pick up of a high potential young wing for an aging vet (who might not be able to play anymore) is a great move!

    We haven't got to see much of this young guy in the East - But he sure burned the Raps last year! Here's hoping Barg's national teammate makes good in TO!

    And maybe, BCo. can now look at potential combo forwards to back up Hedo instead of Delfino (Warrick or Klieza anyone?). Last thing the team needs is a player who's unhappy with their contract (Delfino will be taking a pay cut) or their playing time!


  4. what a deal for the Raptors!

  5. Please no. Joey Graham? I am proud to say I doubt that happens. It has been clear the Raptors have 0 interest in Joey. If you are a Joey G fan I apologize. Most folks know that I am not. I would not be shocked to see him land in OKC, He could even end up in the D-League in these tough economic times. Raps would be better off bringing in someone fresh. Joey has had many chances to cement himself in the line-up. Which he has never taken full advantage of.

  6. i agree, Joey and Carlos are no longer options for this lineup.

  7. Delfino is fine for me but it has to be at right number or only a one year deal.

  8. exactly james, and that number is NO longer 5 million.. 3 perhaps... no more... less would be even better as i am not convinced he will be the player he was when we all fell in love with him...

  9. As for what's in it for GS - addition by subtraction, they have a glut of shooting guards on that team and there was no role for him. Anthony Morrow needs much more playing time than he got last season. Also, the Raptors are paying GS the $1.6 mil that George is going to make this season, so the Warriors save some cash.

    Still, I like the move. Very, very low-risk signing for Colangelo - he's coveted the guy for a while, may as well see what he can do in a system that should theoretically emphasize his strengths. Not sure what this means for Delfino, but it probably means Pops has a bit more of a shot at returning.

  10. If Bargnani, Bosh, and Calderon are the core of this franchise, and 2 of the 3 have had a good buddy of theirs join the team, then it seems plausible that Delfino may still join the Raps to be Jose's amigo. I suppose Carlos can play the SF role, can't he?

    I've never quite figured out the difference between the role of a shooting guard and small forward. Is it the actual position on the court? Stature of the player? Is the SG entitled to "shoot" more?

  11. Basically Shooting Guard and Small Forward can be similar positions If the player has the height and strength to guard the position at the 3. While they need speed and quickness to guard the 2. Where the confusion comes in is when people lump the two positions together calling them wingmen referencing both the shoot guard and small forward. Delfino depending on match-ups could play at both positions.