CB4 Down and Raptors Out?

Seriously could last night have gone any worse for the Toronto Raptors? Heading into the game there was talk that Lebron James may not play. It would have served the Raptors better had Chris Bosh not suited up as it turned out. Just 2:08 into the game Bosh would catch an elbow from Antwan Jamison and he would hit the floor and was down and out. Bosh would end up with a broken nose and a maxilla bone fracture. Which thanks to the folks on Twitter and reports I have learned is a bone that is connected to your jaw. Bosh did not fly back with the team and there was apparently a great deal deal of swelling. He had went to hospital and was given a CT Scan (Cat-Scan) which made the fractures evident. His status going forward is unclear other than the fact that he is out for tonight vs the Celtics.

It turned out James did play a lot and the Raptors fought hard without Bosh but eventually ran out of fight. Fortunately the Bucks dealing with their own major injury to Andrew Bogut were able to hang on and beat the Bulls and the Raptors remain a game ahead of the Chicago. Still the status of Bosh is going to be huge in terms of the Raptors keeping that 8th spot. It was brought up in our live blog on The Score could you imagine if that was the last time we see Bosh in a Raptors jersey. That would be a terrible end to what has been a great 7 years for Bosh with the Raptors. Of course that is assuming a lot. Bosh status is unclear in terms of his participation the rest of the season. Also his status in the off-season is also unclear. Although should the Raptors miss the playoffs it would seem unlikely he would return for most.

This has been a long season of ups and downs but is there anything lower than that point last night when it became clear Bosh was seriously injured? I really honestly felt terrible for him, for this organization and for fans, not to mention myself. This team without Bosh we have seen and it was not a pretty picture for the most part. Can they do a better job this time around? They are going to have to if Raptors have any hopes of making the playoffs. This team needs to step up for themselves and Bosh. Really that has been the point about this whole entire will Bosh stay or go issue. Is this team good enough to help him win. Now they are going to have a chance to prove it.

Bosh be he in Cleveland which at last check he was, or back in Toronto, the game will go on vs the Celtics. A team that has always punked the Raptors. Earlier in the year Paul Pierce kneed Bosh in the jewels and last night Antwan Jamison elbowed Bosh and Raptor fans in the face but really it was a blow to the heart that could be fatal to this season, and the future of Bosh as a Raptor. There is no silver lining in this story. It is up to the Raptors to create one. All of the guys that have underachieved now have to step up and be counted or this season will end on April 14th.

For the record the Raptors lost 113-101 to Cavs last night.

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  1. come on raptors even if hes out show him u guys are still gonna fight for 8th!~~~~~~