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Before I pack up and head down to Toronto for the Raptors and Warriors some thoughts on the game yesterday. The Raptors once again fell painfully short of a full 48 minute effort. As a result they ended up playing 52 minutes. Sonny Weems had perhaps his best game as a pro yet that was not enough to get him minutes in the 4th quarter. The Raptors had a 4th quarter meltdown that nearly cost them a much needed victory. In the end the Raptors ended up with a 128-123 victory in Overtime. Good thing they did as the Bulls beat the Bobcats last night to remain just a game and a half out of the playoffs. Ironically the win keeps the Raptors slim chances of catch the Bobcats alive. The Raptors are now that same game and half behind the Bobcats for 7th. The good news is Raptors hold the tie breaker over both the Bulls and Bobcats should that apply.

Chris Bosh again led his team in points with 28, rebounds with 12 and unfortunately tied for the lead in turnovers with 4. This was part of 19 total the Raptors gave up and the Sixers took advantage of them and it allowed them to make a game of this one. Bosh had seemed to have turned the corner in terms of his turnovers but once again they pop up and bite him taking away from a solid performance otherwise.

Last night I went out to a stag and doe thing for someone I went to high school with. When I see folks that I have not seen in a long time the fact of what I do comes up. Just like for anyone when you go to events like that. After that I am usually asked what the heck is going on with this basketball team. The majority of folks are not hardcore hoops fans like me and are just casual fans. Those casual fans do not have a great impression of the Raptors. Which is not that much different then the hardcore ones. But the difference is if casual fans have that impression they are less likely to be interested at all. I said to someone that I can never recall a more negative mood around a team that is heading to the playoffs. That mood with in the fan base not with the team itself. I am confident that I will not find a player, coach or management person today at the ACC that does not want to make the playoffs. But fans just have no confidence that this team can do anything in the playoffs should they get there. A game like yesterday in Philadelphia only adds fuel to that argument.

Hedo Turkoglu recent off court issues did not help matters. He is clearly not winning any popularity contests in Toronto anytime soon. His ugly air ball down the stretch in the game vs Philly was just another example of his lack of performance. Weems was having a career day yet Hedo was out there chucking bricks. It enraged the viewing audience on our live blog at The Score. But he was not the most hated yesterday. Jay Triano was and fans both casual and hardcore do not seem that convinced he is the right man for the job. Sadly even thought I tend to agree with that assessment, should the Raptors make the playoffs hard to imagine him not being back. Colangelo pretty much endorsed Triano earlier in the week on the radio locally in Toronto. This is not that Randy Savage kind of confidence in Hulk Hogan where he sat is the locker room and watched Hogan get beat when he was clearly out maned. That kind of endorsement where a team says we support are coach on Monday and fire him Thursday. Colangelo actually believes in Jay. Colangelo seems to believe the problems on this team are not about Triano. Well from the outside looking in fans see a much different story. You can only talk about what goes on behind the scenes so much when errors in public view are happening. What happens in practice and away from the floor is important for sure. However if what happens in games continues to frustrate fans and this team struggles to win that is something you can't avoid eventually.

Today vs Warriors 3 point D will be the key. Also a brand new Raptor on this Easter Sunday. In case you missed it after the game yesterday a story broke the Raptors will be signing Joey Dorsey. You may wonder why now? Well there is just 10 days left in the NBA season, so it allows the Raps to sign him to a ten day contract and get a look at him. Dorsey played his college ball at Memphis, he was recently released by the Kings and spent time in the Houston organization. He if he were to see time is considered a guy who will get dirty on the glass and would be a defensive asset. But clearly this does not change much in terms of the Raptors outlook for this season.

So that is about it. I am at the ACC for the Warriors and Raps and will be looking to talk with some folks an see how people are feeling as the days grow short in this NBA season. I also would like to try to get a chance to talk to Stephen Curry. I was a huge fan of his father and the fact he use to take jumpers on this floor in his dad's days with the Raptors is pretty cool when you consider where he is now. So as I am bouncing about at the ACC you can see what I am up to on Twitter (@dinonationblog) as well as any info from today's game.

I have always considered this blog part of my extended family. So with that said, to all of you that celebrate Easter. I wish you all a VERY HAPPY EASTER and hope the Easter bunny treated everyone well. As Raptor fans you can save the chocolate bunnies and eggs a win is all I need Mr Bunny.

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