One of the Nation with Kid Raptor

This one of the Nation feature is fairly new. It is our 3rd one here at the Dino Nation Blog. Ironically that is the age of the person this one is on. The feature is to highlight people that love basketball and our fans of the Dino Nation Blog and the Raptors. Kid Raptor may not be old enough to read the blog but his dad is a long time reader of it. So if you are not aware of who Kid Raptor is...allow me to share with you the first video I saw of him.

He is also probably one of only a few 3 year old's to have his own Twitter account @Kid_Raptor and dad has one as well @therounder. Here is a video with both Dad and Kid Raptor from recently.

I had a chance over the Easter Holiday weekend to talk with both Kid Raptor and dad. It was a fun time. They say in show biz or in media never to work with kids or pets. I broke that rule though and the results I think are pretty fun. Have a listen and see if you agree. This is easily the youngest person I have interviewed for the DNB. Kid Raptor has Demar DeRozan beat by like 17 years. Have a listen and enjoy.

Kid Raptor brings a smile to my face even on a day like today after very heartbreaking loss for the Raptors. He still is doing his thing on 92.5 FM in Toronto. He also is regularly featured on the Raptorspace show that airs on Raptors TV on Thursday's usually at 5 pm. Thanks to both Ethan and his dad for taking the time out for me and the Dino Nation Blog. The fact that people that love the Raptors so much are fans of what I do makes me feel good about what I do each day here.

Will Kid Raptor be right about Chris staying or playing for Jay Triano one day. Who knows but that is what is special about kids. They dream and love without conditions and to see kids like Ethan gives me hope for the future of basketball in Canada. Hope everyone enjoyed this feature as much as I did in putting it together.

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  1. James, it was a joy and pleasure working with ya! KID RAPTOR's first interview! Stamp it! :) See ya around buddy!