DNB's Triple Double

Yes a new feature idea. When I have time to think I come up with ideas. Some are good and last. Others just go into the abyss never to be seen again. Think this one will last. 3 topics and 10 points in each. Which adds up to yes the basketball blog version of a triple double. These are just short little thoughts and you are encouraged to play along at home with your own or react to mine.


  • 1. Is anyone really surprised the Bobcats got swept?
  • 2. Did anyone not really see Lebron going off on the Bulls after stories came out about his partying?
  • 3. Lakers bad or Thunder good. Answer a combination of both?
  • 4. I don't fear the deer without Bogut. That being said what does this say about Atlanta.
  • 5. Dallas again fails to deliver again. I warned you this could happen
  • 6. Ron Artest has killed the expression Blondes have more fun.
  • 7. Miami Heat should worry about keeping D-Wade he is really all they have and money.
  • 8. Boston Celtics have been biggest surprise of round 1 in East, Should they have been?
  • 9. Blair is a beast. Spurs got a steal on that kid.
  • 10 Steve Nash can he win the west and finally go to the finals?


  • 1. Amir Johnson has stayed around T-Dot after season is that a good sign he may stay?
  • 2. Want to bet Hedo plays a ton better for Turkey then he did for the Raptors?
  • 3. Jack or Calderon who is getting voted off the island. You know my vote.
  • 4. OKC perhaps the best option for a Bosh sign and trade?
  • 5. Given all that has happened I would __________ if Chris Bosh stayed with Raps
  • 6. Colangelo has zero room for error this off-season.
  • 7. My Draft Dream for Raptors......Demarcus Cousins. He is a beast.
  • 8. DeRozan will be significantly better next year....agree?
  • 9. Will Jay Triano still have his job this time next year?
  • 10. Will Bryan Colangelo?

Useless Dino Blogger Facts ( I have done these on Twitter for awhile )

  • 1. Can not be around eggs at all the smell makes me sick
  • 2. Was the starting nose tackle for the Hill Park Rams and wore #77
  • 3. Coached a perfect season with 9-10 year olds then retired from coaching.
  • 4. Loved Dukes of Hazzard as a kid. Wanted to have my own General Lee car.
  • 5. Was the youngest season ticket holder for the Hamilton Ti-Cats
  • 6. Is a decent poker player
  • 7. Had a crush on Jennie Garth from 90210.
  • 8. Huge fan of Randy "Macho Man" Savage. Even did my impression on air once.
  • 9. Eats very little believe it or not.
  • 10. Favourite beer is MGD and it was before they were a Raptors sponsor.

1 comment:

  1. Raptors

    1. Amir is just enjoying the nicer weather here now plus the parties. I would not put any stock into it, as the money will talk as well as the opportunity to start.

    2. This is a no-brainer. In fact, you will even see Hedo dive for a loose ball or two or three on the floor.

    3. Both of them are not worthy of being starters IMO, and we still need to find one. Once again we have two good back-ups. Given a choice, Jack's contract is better, but statistically, even with Caleron's deficiencies, he is a better overall player, although this past year he dropped off bigtime.

    4. OKC has such a good thing going that they may not even want Bosh to mess with their chemistry. Still, if the price is right, I can see them making a move.

    5. Be pissed - reason why is because he will tie up out cap room even more, and I don't trust MLSE to spend well over it. If they agree to do so, I would be pleased.

    6. Colangelo still has some room for error, because he is such a good spinner that the board will not even recognize if he makes some errors. Us fans know better though, and yes, he better not screw it up.

    7. Cousins averaged 9.8 boards per game, so on that alone I love him in a Raps uniform.

    8. DeRozan will improve, thanks to the off-season bulking up and conditioning, but not to that extent. Until he learns to get a better handle and attack the basket on a more consistent basis plus defend, his improvement will be minimal.

    9. No. He shouldn't have it now, or when he was hired. I was against it right from the beginning. Huge error by Colangelo.

    10. If we don't make the playoffs next year, then No. My fear is that he will not be a lame duck and he will get his long term contract right in the middle of a good Raptors run during the season.