Starting 5 Welcomes Chuck Swirsky

Chuck Swirsky spent a decade both working and pulling for the Toronto Raptors. Now with the Bulls he is in the odd position of likely having his new team needing to knock off his old team to make the playoffs. I asked Chuck about his feelings on that. In addition we talked about the comments of Derrick Rose and his guarantee that the Bulls would make the post season. He talks about how the season has gone for the Bulls and the mood of Bulls fans about all of this. He also talks about Chris Bosh and how he is surprised how some fans have been talking about Bosh on the internet. Along with what he expects the environment to be like for his return to Toronto on Sunday. We even get into a little conversation about the passion of President Obama for Chicago sports team including that Bulls. Pretty sure Chuck is the only guest we have had that has met the President. In Chuck's time in Toronto he gave 100% every single day he collected a check. He is one of the nicest people as a person that you could meet. That being said I hope he gets to have an early vacation from his NBA duties and gets more time to spend with his family. It is always great spending time talking with Chuck and he is always willing to come talk with us here.

It is always great to re-connect with Chuck and have him as a guest. If you didn't know he is on Twitter @Swirsk054. He is always on there and as I said Chuck Swirsky was one of the people that is a perfect fit for Twitter. like he use to say it is always a pleasure talking Raptors basketball. Well for me it is always a pleasure talking basketball with him.


  1. Great interview James..Well done..I still love the swirsk. He does return emails quick too.

  2. If he has not answered inside of an hour I worry about his safety cause something has to be wrong...LOL