Raptor Mouring Process

It is slowly starting to sink in that another season is over. I know it has been a while since the Raptor Season has been done. But you can stay busy for awhile with lots to do looking back on the season. I eventually will get around to doing the grades that people seem to all do at both Mid-Season and Post Season. Honestly what is the rush though not like anything is going to change. The NBA playoffs have not been as interesting as I might have hoped. Especially in the Eastern Conference. None of those teams the Raptors were battling to get in the post season are exactly setting the world on fire are they? Bulls, Bobcats, Bucks and Heat are all without a win in their respective series. The most disappointing of those is Miami which has been a epic failure to this point. The Bucks you wonder if they could have done something if not for Andrew Bogut's terrible injury. While the Bobcats and Bulls are quite simply outclassed by Orlando and Cleveland.

The West has offered a much different story with a bunch of series tied at 1. While OKC has put in a good effort despite being down 2-0 to the Lakers. The one thing that does seem clear for me thought is Cleveland seems like the team that looks the best and could be on the way to a title. Orlando should be the one road block to that path to the finals.

In terms of the Raptors there is not much going on now that we have heard from all the major players, the Coach and Colangelo. You can bet the phones are being worked though as Colangelo pointing out the Raptors can make moves with any team that like the Raptors has their season concluded. There is also a draft to prepare for. The Raptors unless they get some serious luck will have a very late lottery pick. Eventually will get to looking at their options for that pick.

I guess it has just reached the point of acceptance that this season is over and done. I have talked with a few folks about the season both interviewing others and getting interviewed myself. Really it has all come to an end and nothing can be done about it. I had said that this season was not going to be defined by anything other than if the Raptors were in a position to re-sign Chris Bosh. Based on all that has gone on it would appear that is not the case. As everyday passes it becomes more clear that Bosh's future is likely elsewhere. Which for me, I personally find sad. I have no evidence for you to support this. However, it has always been my belief that Bosh was wanting the Raptors to give him some reason to believe and to stay. Clearly that hasn't happened.

That is what makes this season a failure and if things to do not go well in this process of Bosh making his exit it could be much more than a season. Bryan Colangelo has the job of his life, if he hopes to keep the Raptors competitive, on the other side of watching it's franchise player leave again.

It is going to be a long and what could be painful summer. However in terms of today, I just feel that I have to take a breath, accept things and move on. Sounds easy enough to do. But the truth is when you do care about the team that you cover it can be painful process. No matter how things go for me moving forward I will always remain a fan. People in the media have always told me this is not possible. However, I refuse to trade in my joy, pain and passion of being a fan. I can still be objective and do my job without having to give that away. Just some days the fan part of me is made very sad by the professional in me.

Tomorrow will be a new day but not necessarily a better one. However you keep doing this or being a fan for the hope that a better day will come. That hope in that day coming may take some major damage this summer.

I will be live blogging for The Score tonight as I am doing the Blazers and Suns. Least I can cheer for Canada's greatest baller that will put a smile on my face hopefully.

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