Matt Devlin Is Our Guest In The Starting 5

I don't keep records on this kind of thing, but if he is not 1st he is close to at as are most frequent guest in The Starting 5. Matt Devlin the play by play voice of the Raptors once again pays us a visit and talks about all that is going on with the Raptors. We talk about the whole Hedo mess and how does it get fixed with this fan base. The rise of Sonny Weems to the point he is now a part of the Raptors Starting 5. Along with how his buddy Demar DeRozan has handled life coming off the bench. We also re-visit the Chris Bosh 2010 discussion and if there is any clear idea to determine if Chris will stay or go. In addition some thoughts on how this team looks as they try to secure a playoff position and what they would face should they get there. Matt recently talked with Demar DeRozan so look for that interview on Raptors.com soon. It was great talking with Matt and hope you enjoy this lengthy chat about the state of things with the Raptors.

Interesting to hear Matt's thoughts and as he mentioned I will be down at the ACC covering the Raptors and Warriors game. I also will be liveblogging the Raptors and Sixers game on Saturday afternoon for the The Score. Following the Raptors on their road to trying to secure a playoff spot, with 2 games the Raptors have to win against teams that they recently have dropped games too. Can't have that happen again if Raptors hope to secure a playoff spot. Great to hear from Matt and hopefully this team will make the post season, and Matt will get a chance to call his first Raptors playoff game. Safe to say the Raptors will draw a tough assignment regardless of where they finish should they make the playoffs. Which looks good with just 8 games to go and holding the tiebreaker over Chicago and a 2 game lead in the standings.

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