Hedo Injury Update

Just a quick update on Hedo Turkoglu. He was taken to Toronto Hospital last night after taking head butt to the face. A CT-Scan was performed and here is the results. The a small new non-displaced fracture on an old nasal fracture. The scan also showed no significant displacement, and no skull or midface injuries. Turkoglu’s status is listed as day-to-day. The Raptors will be traveling to Atlanta to take on the Hawks. If you missed it yesterday Bosh required surgery in Cleveland and can not be re-evaluated until after end of regular season (7-10 Days). There was no update on Johnson who did return to the bench last night after turning an ankle.


  1. I wish Hedo all the best health wise, but his absence from the court will not be a problem at all. Honestly, I did not notice any difference when he left last night. That's pretty sad - but true.

  2. I agree Sonny Weems in terms of play has been miles ahead of Hedo. I never want to see any player hurt like them or not. Weems has been lone bright spot in a dark time for Raptors.

  3. Looks like BC messed things up - big time. If the core of the team will be Andrea, Hedo and Jose, seems like depressing times are ahead. BC shot himself in the foot with these 3 long-term contracts. Either Bosh stays or leaves, but this trio will need to be moved somehow.