The Return of The Tweet Cap- Hawks vs Raps

We did this once before so here we go again. TweetCap is the tweets of those that follow the Dinonationblog or folks we follow all combined together to help us re-cap the game. Those are the rules. So if you are ready...IT IS TIME TO PLAY THE GAME...Well to be more correct...PRE-Game let's Roll.

Twitter should we bring back the DNB TWEET CAP?

@_Lenito @dinonationblog hell yea "Borbath 3:16" says you just got #Tweetcapped

dinonationblog @_Lenito If Lanny wants the #TweetCap we do it!!! GAME ON!!! TWEET CAP ON!!!

@RapsFanatic @dinonationblog omg, #tweetcap

I know it is cool no?

@stackmack #Raptors rookie says,"We can't be worried about what Chicago does, we gotta make our own destiny". C'mon, Raps. (And, uh, Nets. get that W).

That is right as this one is on going in Atlanta the Bulls are taking on the Nets...Really has it come down to cheering for the friggin New Jersey Nets? I Guess it has

@gagangandhi Call me crazy, but I think the Raptors might be able to "steal" a win tonight against Atlanta. Thoughts?

Do Atlanta have the same score keepers....ah memories of the ATL...I HATE THEM SO...THAT IS RIGHT AL HORFORD I STILL HATE YOU. Oh....and YOUR CRAZY....HE SAID TOO!!!

@raptorsrepublic Will Amir handle the spotlight?

Amir Johnson is starting where is @Liston he must me jumping up and down.

@Ronny006 Good to see Jay making the wise choice and starting Amir instead or Reggie

Did he have a choice?

@Raps_fan gametime. #raptors #nervous

Me too...Gametime in ATL....LET'S GO!!!

1st Quarter

@Raps_fan Im glad Hedo is okay. and he's lucky he's wearing the mask. #justsaying

He will need that mask next year injured or not if he doesn't play well down the stretch....Hawks make 2 at line and lead 2-0.

@stackmack Amir, appreciate you not allowing that layup, but you CANNOT get into foul trouble tonight. Think first.

I nicknamed him foul magnet for a reason....Buy holly is 100% correct.

@RapsFanatic As my coach always said: "No layups!" Nice one, Amir! #Raptors @dinonationblog

@Raps_fan I am still SHOCKED at the attendance in Atlanta...it's a shame. #Hawks

Shouldn't be Atlanta suck as a sports town. But Fans in ATL REALLY WOW?

@raptorsrepublic 2 quick fouls on Weems

Sucks He is our new ALL STAR!!!

@Ronny006 Let Hedo take a shot...we need to see if the mask is making a difference or not

He didn't but Andrea did and shockingly he made it and now a rebound....wow.....Raps lead 7-6

@Ronny006 Wow...Bargnani had time to order pizza an still missed a wide open three

MA MA MIA....Crawford jumper and it is 8-7....Bargnani say pasta fazu to you Ronny...makes a jumper....Raps another score 11-7 Raps.

@Eric__Smith 11-8 ... Raptors lead with 4:25 to go in the 1st QRT. ATL shooting just 2/14 FG (14.3%)

Thank you Hawks...are Raps playing good D? Nah can't be.

@Ronny006 See if Bargnani attacks the basket he can be successful...doesn't have to rely on the three all the time

you love him now don't you....15-8 Raptors...it ain't pretty but doesn't have to be.

@RapsFanatic "Defense has been effective." #wtf Jack Armstrong?!? #Hawks just dead cold, have #Raptors really contributed? @dinonationblog

Jack is our favourite guest in the Dino Nation Blog if he says it I am willing to believe him. He did coach in NCAA so he knows what he is talking about.

@ swirsk054 Just min. before tipoff--you can feel the intensity in the building...NOT Boy do I miss the United Center!

See you Sunday Chuck...meanwhile back at our game which has a similar crowd buzz it is 16-10 Raps under 3 to play in Quarter.

@dinonationblog HeDO for 3....Raps on a 7-0 run....YEAH BABY!!!

easy fan boy....23-14 Raptors and he um I mean I am right...wait 9-0 run...Raps 25-14.

@AndrewVC15 LOL its not the mask, it's THE OTHER MASK

Back in my day it was all about the shoes...ask Spike Lee....Raps take that 25-14 lead to the 1st quarter break.

@TheAudman The Raps hold the high scoring Hawks to 14 pts after 1st quarter in a must win game. 36 minutes of game time to go.

Who else is shocked? BE HONEST!!!

2nd Quarter

@NicolasGheysens @dinonationblog best defensive qt of the season without bosh is it a sign ?

He broke his face give the dude a break...bad choice of words...Get well soon @ChrisBosh. Joe Johnson 3 and that D gone bye bye early in 2nd 27-22 Raptors.

@outsidethenba "Money Weems?"

Ok..I love Matt...but yeah not feeling that my M.J of Arkansas is even better than that....29-23 Raptors.

@ Raps_fan wow...nice pass Rasho. #raptors

Injures = Rasho PT.....Raps up 8....make it 5...damn zone defense....33-28 Raptors.

@TheRounder Crawford best not light it up again!!! #Raptors

I remember when he dropped 50 on us it ranks slightly behind Lebron's 50+ and miles behind Kobes's 81. D has done gone to sleep like @Kid_Raptor on a school night

@RapsFanatic Not even I'm THAT pessimistic! RT @Ptrishalyn @RapsFanatic Just wait, Hedo eventually does something to screw it up #Raptors @dinonationblog

@raptorsrepublic Wow. Not often do you see a player throw a shot clear OVER the backboard from 5 feet out. Reggie Evans is the best.

Damn Dance Pak rehearsal where is @Raptorspacekat I need some positive tweeters...LOL...Hawks down 4...37-33.

@RaptorspaceKat What's the word in Raptorland? The ladies and I are wondering .. #Raptors

Raptors up 3...first quarter was better than second....Bulls up 3 as well. By the way I didn't plan that just dumb luck.

@stackmack Reggie Evans free throws are like snowfakes. Every single one looks different. Love his hustle, though.

Hustle is great and so is Reggie at the moment Raptors are not. Holly is great though that was a kick but analogy. Good Job Mrs Mackenzie. 38-38 with 5:33 to go in half.

@Nat77 The offensive rebounds are killing the #raptors. Clean that up and we have a ballgame!

I hope it is that simple. Nat is holding it down on The Score live blog not doubt.

@thejockocracy Having a beer, watchin the Raptors game after a long week of work. Feels good, man.

Raptors D may cause you to drink more watch at your own risk....Carwford 3!!! DAMN PASS ME AN MGD!!! 45-42 Hawks.

@StephonDixonDC @dinonationblog aiight this 2nd quarter n 3rd quarter is the real test for the raps bro if we can withstand they fire i think we can do it

Got to find their D.....down 45-43. Hey I mentioned Spike Lee and he is actually at this game? What the hell is he doing in ATL?

@dinonationblog Jack Armstrong and Spike Lee talking that would be CLASSIC!!!

This game not so much.....Hawks lead 49-45.

@ swirsk054 Hinrich and T. Williams exchange crazy baskets near the end of the half..Williams a runner for 3 to end the quarter 29-24 Bulls 1st

SWIRSKY!!!! nah I can't hate chuck even if I try. Back here in ATL not good Hawks up 8 and get a clear path foul? What the heck kinda call was that?

@gagangandhi Memo to the Raptors: Reggie Evans is the team's 5th option.

Reggie never got memo and I am not telling him.

@StephonDixonDC @dinonationblog too many shots on offense too many 1 and done and our transition defense n def rebounding is horrible man its killin us

Fine breakdown...I agree. Crawford 3 and 1...OH NO!!! That makes it a 59-47 halftime ATL lead.

@stackmack Been waiting for JCreezy to get a 4-point play. Did it have to come when Raps were down eight? Crushing finish to 1st half. 45-point 2nd Q.

You kids and your crazy nicknames...Holly liked Matt's Money Weems line too....Keep in mind she also liked Will Solomon when I met here...Remember Him..LOL

@ Rounder JAMAL CRAWFORD! Somebody check him!!! #Raptors #Tweetcap

Please forward this tweet to Jay Triano ASAP.

@ kevhooker ...for the folks at home, the #Raptors gave up 3.75 points per minute in the 2nd quarter.

Oh you mathlete you...stay in school kids and you can be like Kevin. I inspired him to start a blog on Raps....I feel like I should apologize. Now I feel like Tiger Woods....That feels both cool and icky....but boy can golf in 3rd at Masters. Raptors don't start balling they will be golfing.

@thisisanas Rod Black reminds me of a Rogers TV sportscaster in the 90s. Problem is it's 2010 and this is national television.

Rod Black did golf...in fact what sport hasn't he tried and failed at?

@wwe WWE.com NEWS: Live SmackDown results - Refresh your browser to see the latest results:

Ah there you go he never did Pro Wresting...Rod Black is no Billy Red Lyons....If you are old like me you know who that is.

@johnschuhmann-The Hawks average 60.1 points per half against the Raptors (3 1/2 games).

It almost makes me not want to watch second half....Yikes...Crawford has 19.

3rd Quarter.

@AndrewVC15 in honor of #bulls vs #nets , GO YI !!!!!!!!!!!!

In honour of the Miz for WWE....Really Andrew Really? Hawks up 15...66-51....I asked this on Twitter did we win last time I did this? Hope so. I don't want to be accused of a #TweetCapCurse.

@swirsk054 Nets have scored 30 pts in the paint and trail Bulls 51-50

Go Nets Go? That feels SO WRONG!!!

@thisisanas How do you say "Hello Clarice" in Turkish? He should say it to whoever he's checking.

HeDON't do Defense....not that he is alone Raps down 2 TD's....Mike Vick not at this one.

@AndreHoops "To hell with them fellas, buzzards gotta eat---same as worms." Josey Wales, June 1865 [How the Raptors and Bulls feel about each other.]

Andre Aldridge classing up the #Tweetcap.

@Ronny006 @dinonationblog yea, but they played the twolves

Good...so we are 1-0 in #Tweetcaps...that is good news...bad is it is 74-62....5:28 to go in 3rd.

@StephonDixonDC @dinonationblog Al horford with drifting jumpers omg raptors come onnnnnnnnnnn!!!

HORFORD!!!! FORD4LIFE!!! NUFF SAID....WEEMS ON FIRE like T.J was in ATL once....4 straight for Weems and lead is 10.

@RapsFanatic I'm getting too tired to even care that #Raptors suck! Good night, see you sometime soon, maybe @dinonationblog

Wait Raps on a 12-3 run time out Hawks maybe some HOPE? Obama did well with that. Selling Hope WORKS!!

@Ronny006 Can Bargnani get his 7 foot Italian self to the FT line once in this game plz...lay off the jumpers

That is your Future Franchise Player....OH GOD...PLEASE CHRIS BOSH STAY...I MEAN SERIOUSLY....CAN WE GIVE YOU YOUR OWN PROVINCE? PEI is small but
really NICE!!!

@TheAudman Quick really shots have a way of killing a run especially when they rim out.

and loose lips sink ships....Raps ship in danger of sinking like the Titanic....Jay Triano is the captain of this ship.

@ StephonDixonDC @dinonationblog LETS GOO RAPTORSS !!!! please

Cut lead to 79-73 only cause you said please...manners are good.

@outsidethenba Antoine Wright on the ground, slapping the floor in pain. S^#T!

Another injury or in this case....re-injury....I loved the show M*A*S*H but not while watching basketball.

@StephonDixonDC @dinonationblog NOOO NOW ANTOINE !!!!!!!!!! NOOOO !!! - yo this is horrible n its really bad man

dropping like flies. Quarter ends 81-73 Hawks.

@raptorsrepublic Put a uniform on Alvin and see if they notice. Stat.

I am game for that BOOGIE WILLIAMS!!!

4th Quarter

@Swirsk054 Bulls just not crisp....trail 63-61---552 left 3rd--energy just not there

Least Nets are trying and so is Sonny Weems...needs some help.

@Eric__Smith Sprained left ankle for A. Wright. He will not return. I guess the 'good' news ... it's not the knee (which it looked like was possible)

Asta la wago Mr. Wright....Raps go on a run and lead 89-75...GO NETS GO I GUESS.

@TheRounder Keep ur heads up #Raptors!!! Show some heart!!! Pick up the intensity!!! Ur looking mentality beat! Confidence! Come on now!!!

Yes Coach....I sound like that damn HeDON'T ad!!! 91-76 Hawks....Joe Johnson 3 make it 94....I need an MGD...no...Zamboka ----Think that is how you spell it.

@CornerSniper I am looking to cut back on my drinking. Therefore, I will only take a shot every time Andrea gets to the line. /via @raptorsrepublic

ZING!!!Raps down 20....Shots all around...Who is buying....@Liston?

@RaptorspaceKat I will try! We closed the gap earlier .. RT: @dinonationblog Kat Good by all means provide some positivity for my #Tweetcap

To late I think...But Kat brings it night in night out. 98-81 Hawks. Dance Pak > Raptors Defense

@RaptorspaceKat Jack Armstrong just said your true habits come out the deeper you go into the half ..#Raptors down by 18

See she is using Jack Armstrong quotes smart girl....Raps just got tank on E!!! and not talking E Smith.

@gagangandhi I want the Raptors to lay someone out next time Atlanta drives the lane. Just TKO them.

This is the NBA not the UFC!!! But yeah I feel ya!!!

@chicagobulls End of the 3rd quarter, Nets lead the Bulls 75-69.

Go Nets, Raps down 102-91 it is time to cheer for someone else to help us yet again.

@stackmack Someone might wanna show the Bulls how to make free throws before the playoffs start. Or, you know, the Cavs can rest LeBron for round one.

Raps or Bulls might be able..to...Jack Armstrong said Just Tie Baby We Want Lebron...Some how I don't think he is sweating Bulls or Raps. Under 2 to play Raps closed to with in a touchdown. Paging Doug Flutie!!!


@dinonationblog BTW - cheap suit don't bend this easily do they??

That sums up Raps D nicely...Raps still down 5 with under 20 seconds to play....GOOD NIGHT NURSE!!! GO NETS GO...MAKES ME ILL TO SAY THAT. 107-101 the final YIKES. Raps fall short.

THANK YOU NEW JERSEY IN DOUBLE OT WIN!!!! Raps may not have won but neither do the BULLS!!!

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