On Second Thought Good Luck Chicago You'll Need It

I was among the folks that wanted to see the Raptors make the post season. That didn't happen of course and the Raptors now have a first round draft pick. After watching Cleveland pretty much put the boots to Chicago, still looking like they were not at 100% was scary. Does anyone think the Raptors would have done any better yesterday? Not really. So that being said I will be happy with the draft choice and look forward to have a seat in the draft lottery. Chicago may not win a game in this series. Cavs look like a team on a mission and I am glad I picked them in pre-season to win the NBA Title. Here is a look back to day 1 of the NBA Playoffs.

Playoffs Re-Cap- Day 1

Cavs 97 Chicago 83

Cavs had an offensive drought and that is the only reason the Cavs didn't win this game by 20 +. A ho hum 24 from Lebron James. It is only going to get better for the Cavs and worst for the Bulls. Cleveland I called to win this series in 5. I have no idea how Chicago can win a game in this series. If I had it to redo I would call the sweep which Anas did in out playoff preview.

Atlanta 102 Bucks 92

Brandon Jennings was fantastic and yet it still wasn't enough. The Hawks have experience and poise now in the playoffs and they can display it against the in-experienced Bucks. I still think some how some way the Bucks will eek out a win. But this series will be Atlanta's and it won't take long.

Boston 85 Miami 76

This was by far the game of day 1. The Heat lead most of the way. Until the Celtics would awakened and took over. The Celtics played perhaps the best defense they had in months. The made D-Wade into the invisible man. Then near the end we had a fight with K.G in the middle and he would be kicked out of this one. Will he be in for game 2? Might need to hear from the league on that. Now I took Heat in 5. But that went out the window. Heat are not beating Boston 4 straight. They also have allowed themselves to get into the Celtics kind of game. Fights, smack talk and defense that all is how Celtics like to play. Heat now have a fight on their hands.

Denver 126 Utah 113

Didn't these teams get the memo about the playoffs are about defense? Maybe it is the thin air in Denver. Someone mentioned in our preview the Jazz had no one to check Mello. Well give that person a gold star as Carmelo Anthony went off for 42 points. Yes that is a career playoff high. More important think we got our answer if Denver is under pressure or inspired by George Karl. The answer is clearly inspired.

K.D vs Kobe today that should be fun. I am also going to be doing the Mavs and Spurs for The Score on the live blogs so join me at 8pm for some playoff fun. In addition don't feel to bad the Raptors are not there by watching the Cavs yesterday it is clear it would have been a short trip.

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