OKC + CB4 Makes Sense For All

I thought the summer T.J Ford was expected to be traded would be the worst summer for me doing this. Well, the Chris Bosh stay or go and now Sign and Trade sweepstakes is going to be far worse. I was reading someone in Miami media (responding to a fan question) saying that Bosh ran this process and Bryan Colangelo was just his pawn. Maybe this person in Miami spends to much time in the sun. That would only be true, if you honestly believe that Bosh has the guts to say he will leave 30 million on the table, if he does not get his first choice in a sign and trade scenario. I do not see that happening. Also, there is another rumour out there that a sign and trade between the Lakers and Raptors has already been agreed upon for Andrew Bynum. It is going to be a summer filled of this kind of stuff.

For my money, if Chris Bosh truly wants to win the best place for him to land is OKC for both him and the Raptors. Bosh said in his comments in his exit interviews, he is realistic in understanding where ever he ends up it may not result in a title right away. OKC is a team on the rise and despite their success is not beating the Lakers this year. The main reason they will not, is not having any real post options. Bosh would clearly give them that and Kevin Durant would have a running mate in the post to play with him and Westbrook. Obviously from a lifestyle point of view, this would be a major change for Bosh. However it would allow him the chance to focus on winning and basketball. It also is a lot closer to Dallas on a map as opposed to Toronto (If that matters). If Bosh is serious about winning this is or should be a team on his list.

For the Raptors let's take a look at 3 of the most talked about Bosh landing spots and why they don't work for them. The Knicks are not a good fit as David Lee is a worse version of Bosh and he is not even under contract to New York. The other piece the Knicks have is Gallanari. Italy can't even make the World Championships and we want 3 of them on the Raptors? No thanks.

You hear Miami a lot as well. After watching them get demolished by the Celtics who excites you on that Miami Roster? Joel Anthony would be nice not only because he is Canadian but a legit center option. However, Michael Beasley who would be the major piece coming back in a deal is not as appealing. Some People consider Bargnani a bust pick for the Raptors. Well is that not what Beasley has been for Miami?

There is also the Lakers who have Andrew Bynum and have always liked Bosh. Phil Jackson was once fined by the league for his comments in regard to liking Bosh the last time his contract came up. Bynum is a major risk and has had injury issues for a long time. He is about a major injury away from being considered a more talented Greg Oden.

OKC can clearly put together a package that has upside and less risk tied to it. A package of Green and Harden would be a slam dunk for the Raptors, in terms of getting legit value back for Bosh. They would also have to take some other things, to make the money line up, but it would be worth it. If the goal out of a Bosh sign and trade is long term stability and upside, OKC is the clear winner of the available options.

Bryan Colangelo needs to hit a home run on this deal. He also needs to make a deal that is able to inspire hope for the future for the Raptors. Not hope in draft picks that who knows what you may get as Babcock did in the Vince Carter deal. Legit players that have established they belong in NBA and have upside. If you can get draft picks on top of that... go for it.

However, it goes down there is going to be a public relations hit for the Raptors with it's casual fan base. They as we all do still remember the Vince Carter trade and what a terrible failure that was. Who and whatever comes back for Bosh has to be a success in both the short and long term. If Harden and Green were part of the package coming back you would have that. Green was the Big East Player of the year and his NBA career started as part of a big trade in the NBA. He was part of the deal that brought Ray Allen to the Celtics. Harden has made an impact off the bench at times for OKC and was highly thought of in his draft class.

Would OKC make this move? It would make a lot of sense for them to add a legit established star and unload some of their young talent to do it. The problem down the road for OKC will be that they can't keep everyone and eventually a move like this will need to be made. They also have to start to look to build up their front court that is lacking, in a conference that has a lot of quality players to deal with in the front court.

When you examine the options out there this is the closest fit that makes the most sense for all parties involved. Is it the perfect one? Not exactly, however in every conversation you ever have with Chris Bosh winning is always involved. This is a chance for him to clearly do that. He would not be "the man" in OKC and it is not exactly that big media market. However it is the best chance for him to win not just in the short term but the long term as well.

I just think this option makes the most sense and have mentioned it for quite some time. Other articles have come out since my belief in this. So, if I am totally nuts in thinking this, at least I am not alone. This is far from nuts thought and OKC may seriously consider it. They fall short of being able to sign a player to a max deal on their own. So, this is the only way that OKC can be a major player in the Free Agent Frenzy. They need to make a trade if they hope to land any major free agent.


  1. wont make sense for the raps. why would you put an average rebounder with no shotblocking capability behind andrea who has the exact same skills? individual talent, yes, team fit, no. harden would be good tho, but i doubt OKC will trade him for scraps.

  2. Hi James based on the different articles are we concluded for sure that Bosh is gone. I mean I understand the season sucked and if I was Bosh I would want to win for sure, but how are we so sure he is gone. Are we alomost running out of the town?

  3. Bosh a 5 time all-star is scraps when you have nothing close to him in your front court? I think not.

    as for Paul( Thanks for leaving a name hate when people don't) I can find no media person that feels Bosh is going to stay. Ultimately he could surprise everyone and stay. But it seemed clear by his exit interview he was despite saying he had yet to make his choice he did not seem to be talking about the Raptors in the things he wanted.

    As for driving him out of town this is a big business move for Chris. I don't think what main stream media, bloggers or even what fans say is going to change his mind one way or the other.

    I would say though some fans that decided to jump the gun and bail on this guy pretty much from last summer all through this season. They divorced themselves from Bosh before he did them. I found that to be disappointing.

    Chris if this is the end has given 7 solid years to this organization and has been professional and a solid citizen. He was the best player on this team for a lot of that but it was not all on him this team not being a success. I think he did all he could. People call into question his leadership skills but I think personal Raptors needed to find some folks to help care the load in that regard. I think they tried but never found anyone successful at it.

    Thanks for the comments.

  4. I agree that Bosh would be a fantastic option for OKC, giving them that legit post option they're missing right now. But I don't see this happening. I don't think OKC is going to be willing to part with the necessary young players the Raptors will want. In your example, for instance, I really can't see them giving up both Green and Harden. Maybe Green and some other players and picks. I also think OKC would be better off with a big centre. Green and Durant give them legit forward options, they just need a talented guy to play in the middle. As much as Bosh is a talented guy, I think they're going to be looking for a true centre to play against the likes of Gasol/Bynum, Kaman, Camby, etc. We'll see what happens, and if Bosh is leaving I'm be more than thrilled with Green and Harden coming back, but I just don't see it.

  5. OKC needs a strong big man to man the paint, grab boards, block shots and set picks. Lack of scoring is not a problem for this team. Bosh stepping out of the way to let people dunk is not taking this team to the next level!