The Starting 5 with Alex Seixerio From Fan 590

Alex does everything on the Fan590 from updates, to hosting, to reporting, to working sidelines at TFC games. He also is the host of The Fantasy Show on the Fan as well. He was out doing great work at the Olympics in Vancouver and that is about the time things went south for the Raptors. That would only continue leading us to a premature end of the season address from Bryan Colangelo. Alex like all of us was watching and give some thoughts on what Colangelo had to say. He gives his take on CB4, Bargnanai and Triano. In addition to a lot more. It was a fun time and I was happy to have Alex back for I believe his second appearance in the Starting 5. Even at the end, I ask him who has a worse defense TFC who Alex covers or the Raptors. I know zero about soccer but given they lost 3-1, that is a lot of goals for soccer. I also never even knew Colorado had a team in the MLS so that can't be good. But this interview is.

Thanks to Alex for his time today. Love all of our Fan 590 regulars that include Jack, Paul, Eric and Zack. They all are fun to talk with and bring solid knowledge and opinion to the table. Which is why we are always happy when any of them pay us a visit.

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