A Game, We Are Told Took Place In Memphis

Rumour has it the Raptors took on the Grizzlies tonight. There was no T.V of this one but we did see some eye witness accounts that a game was played. Andrea Bargnani on his birthday was the Raptors high scorer with 21 and was an efficient 6-12 from the field. The Raptors did fall behind in this one early and based on the NBA game companion Jerryd Bayless was a big reason why.

Raptors would rally from a 36-24 scoreline not in their favour to eventually win 120-106. The Raptors had 6 players in double figures none of which were named DeMar DeRoazan as he had just 6 in twenty one minutes. It hard to honestly give much thoughts on any of this.

The one thing the boxscore does tell us it this was far from the Grizzlies best line-up. No Rudy Gay, Marc Gasol, Zach Randoplh or Micheal Conley in this game for the Grizzlies. Sometimes in the pre-season it is as much about who plays as to what the ultimate result is.

Whatever the case the Raptors for what it's worth have shown the ability to score in this pre-season and they have a 6-1 record and were just 3 points shy of being 7-0. Still a lot of things to be concerned about I would imagine for Dwane Casey and staff as they have 5 days to prepare for Pacers.

Some news with the blog we have opened up are DNB Fan Zone (See the Link Above on the Site) . So signup and join and have your say on all things Raptors as well as contribute your thoughts and ideas about the DNB. In future will also be giving you some info on what is coming up with all things to do with the blog. Jevon and Jerrica our community mangers will be taking care of things there. We have more news coming up next week that were pretty excited about and hope you will be too. So stay tuned as we get ready for our 5th season covering the Raptors. I hope it will be one of our best.

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