Amir Johnson talking Zombies, Halloween and Basketball

Amir Johnson has embraced Toronto like few other Raptors have in his time here. He is always on of the people we like to seek out to talk with here in the Dino Nation Blog. He talks with us about becoming a Zombie, what he first was for Halloween as kid and how this team is coming along getting ready for the season.

Remember you heard it through the DNB Grapevine. Good talking with Amir as always. As you may have heard elsewhere Amir spent an hour with a professional make up artist to pull off that Zombie costume he wore. He plays hard on and off the floor. As I said to him after the interview he will be one of the guys that Raptor fans will remember long after his playing days are done. Not just for his effort on the floor but the amount of things he has done off the floor as well. As for the feature I mentioned. DeMar said for him it was being Mike Myers from the Movie Halloween and Ed Davis was not into the whole costume thing. But he was in to talking with me and you can here that on TWIR (This Week In Raptorland) this Monday or sooner so to steal a line from Amir Johnson stay tuned.

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