Jonas Hype Meets Jonas Reality In Detroit?

Word was spreading like Justin Beiber was at the mall in Raptorland yesterday. Jonas is practicing and he might play tomorrow (Now today) vs. the Pistons. Finally the hype that surrounds Jonas will be met with some actual reality. Many are disappointed this is happening on the road. This seems the perfect place to do it as far as I am concerned. There will not be pressure from fans to see him play more.

Dwane Casey can use him as he sees fit which he would anyway but it is better doing that without fans reactions to it. There is also Jonas having no fans to have to try and impress. He can just go out and do what he can do and learn.

It is a nice team to measure him against as well as the Piston’s already have their future center they picked not that long ago in Greg Monroe out of Georgetown. That seems like a pretty good first test to me for Jonas Valanciunas to measure up against.

I suspect that fans will be disappointed in how much we actually see Jonas for a couple reasons. One the Raptors won’t be all that keen on playing him a lot of minutes in this first game coming off an injury. Two the fact he is a rookie and unfamiliar with NBA rules and this will be is first NBA Action of any kind. The fouls may pile up as Jonas is far from a shy player in terms of his aggressive play.

This all just making logical guesses for the most part. Still it is nice regardless of if you are a Jonas believer or not that this young man starts to define his own story as far as expectations for him. I have no doubt that some will have far too high expectations early but hopefully those people will have patience. This young man has potential to do a lot of great things.

He does a lot of the things Raptor fans have wished Andrea Bargnani could do like rebound, block shots and defend. He is a much more traditional big man.

It still is not a 100% lock he will play tonight but all signs point in that direction barring some unforeseen setback with his injury. We have already been told not to expect Kyle Lowry to debut in a Raptor uniform this week. This is delaying the enviable announcement that he is the starting point guard. Someone asked me on Twitter what I expect the starting line-up to be on opening night?

PG- Lowry
SG- DeRozan
 SF- Fields
PF- Bargnani
C- Gray (I had said Johnson on Twitter but forgot match-up vs. Pacers and Hibbert)

DNB will have your re-cap of all the action, Jonas or no Jonas, as the Raptors take on the Pistons tonight in Detroit.

Update Noon: This come straight from the Raptors: Jonas will play...Casey does say his minutes will be limited (Based on injury).

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