Lowry Is Set For Blast Off

Tomorrow we get the first true look at the new look Raptors. We have already got a look at Jonas Valanciunas. Now we finally get a look at Kyle Lowry who is set to debut vs. the Wizards. It should help in many ways. It will get this new up tempo Raptor offense into high gear. This new offense was put in place specifically to take advantage of Lowry’s skill set.  This should help make scoring less of a challenge for DeMar DeRozan and hopefully Andrea Bargnani as well.

The Raptors should be able to get out and run in transition more with Lowry running the show. Part of how this can happen might be from Lowry being able to get some steals. More importantly Lowry should have a tremendous impact on the defense.

The Raptors may never have had a more solid defender at their point guard position in the history of the franchise. The major reason Kyle Lowry was brought in was for this. Jose Calderon is just not able to guard the majority of starting point guards in this league. Lowry should be able to hold his own against almost anyone in the league.

Defense in general is like links in chain and the most important like in that chain is the man guarding the ball. If Casey was able to have a defense in the top ten in 2011-12 season with one of the weaker defenders as the first link in that chain, you can only expect things to improve with Lowry.

The Raptors should look different however you care to look at it with Kyle Lowry in the line-up. There was a ton of excitement for the debut of Jonas. This debut should be just as exciting and perhaps much more important to immediate future of the Toronto Raptors.

Unlike Jonas the expectations on Lowry are going to be massive and they should be given the price the Raptors paid to get him.

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