This Week In Raptorland THE THIRD

Time once again to look back and look ahead on another week in Raptorland. It is myself joined by Josh Lewenberg the beat reporter for TSN 1050 talking all things Raptors. On this episode we take a look at the debut of as Josh likes to refer to him as "The Head of Snake" Kyle Lowry. Did he meet our expectations from last week's show. Talk on an article I did for the Bleach Report on the five most overrated Raptors of all time. Josh has the same number one but 4 other candidates to fill out his list. We also touch on an article just written today on what Jonas Valanciunas' arrival could mean for Andrea Bargnani? This and a recap of all the games last week, a look ahead to the schedule this week and the usual features. This week's Raptorism is to funny for words and hard to believe but is true. It involves Andrea Bargnani and pasta.

As mentioned in the podcast I am down at the ACC tonight for the Raptors and Bucks it is the last home pre-season contest. If you are down at the game and see someone that looks like me make sure to say hello. Hope to have lots of material some of which you can here on next week's show. Also have a number of guests I am trying to firm up for the Starting 5 as we get set for the season that is just 9 days away.

Your thoughts on the podcast are always welcomed. We do call it the best podcast in the world on the Toronto Raptors but that doesn't mean it can't get better. So suggestions, kudos or things you maybe don't think are the best can all be sent my way and will look to address them.

This is something new for this season so if the can spread the word about this podcast and let others know about it that is helpful too. On Twitter try using the hashtag #TWIR and we can spread the word to the masses. It has been a blast doing this and I hope you all are having as good a time listening as Josh and myself are in doing the program.

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