Raptor vs Pistons Part II at ACC

This is going be a short entry today as I am off to Toronto to cover tonight’s game and have some other business to attend to prior to that. Want to make you aware of an article I did in the B/R that asks one major question of every Raptor. I have been mentioning this with out much luck but if you could spare a minute and leave a comment on those B/R articles that would be great. They view comments as an important aspect of things over there. Also beyond that I just would like to hear from some familiar faces I know from here in the DNB.

On to the game tonight and some points on the rematch between the Pistons and Raptors:

  • Better start on D (Raptors were awful in both games so far in that regard)
  • Jonas home debut should be interesting if he was excited to play in Detroit what will he be like tonight?
  • Ed Davis needs a solid game to get in the race for some playing time
  • John Lucas III has been arguably the best new Raptor so far can he keep it rolling?
  • Rebounding needs to improve
  • DeRozan has looked good need to seem him continue to get to the line
  • Andrea Bargnani- WAKE UP
  • Landry Fields has been underwhelming to say the least. 

Those are just the first few thoughts that jump in my head for tonight’s game. Will be working hard trying to get some good interviews and stuff for this Monday’s show This Week in Raptorland. As I always say if you are a reader of the blog and happen to see me at the ACC or in Toronto feel free to approach me and say hello. I do not bite and am actually pretty friendly most of time.

That is about it. I have to get my butt in gear so I am able to get everything done I need to today and get my first chance to see the Raptors in action live this season. The game can be seen on NBA TV Canada I believe if you are not heading down to the ACC.

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