This Week in Raptorland- Raptors and NBA Season Previews

Today we are doubling up. Your regular This Week In Raptorland with myself and Josh Lewenberg from TSN 1050 preview your Raptors season. We also here from Ed Davis and Amir Johnson. We also have a big announcement for the Dino Nation Blog. In addition to that as an extra we have Ethan Norof from the Bleacher Report joining us to preview the NBA Season. This was recorded the end of last week and was prior to the James Harden trade to Houston. So keep that in mind. We do talk about that trade on This Week in Raptorland off the top.

So enjoy both as the NBA season is almost here.


Starting 5 NBA Preview

Be sure to come back tomorrow, as we have Candice back with a feature tied to the start of the NBA season. I am sure people will enjoy it. I got a preview last night and think people will love it. Also we have a great guest booked to help us preview the Raptors and Pacers opener that is very familiar with the Pacers. Mike Wells who covers the team is scheduled to join us.

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