Starting 5: With Former Raptor The JYD

He drove a car through a snow storm and into the hearts of Raptor fans ever since. He is Jerome Williams AKA the JYD. We have had to chance to talk with Jerome on several occasions. Today we talk about his involvement in Canada Basketball, with the city of Toronto and with the Raptors.  He shares his thoughts on the future of Canada Basketball. He shares his thoughts on former Raptors Alvin Williams and the comparison to Kyle Lowry. We recall a situation from Monday Night Raw where Jerome was part of one the greatest promos done by The Rock at the ACC. He offers some advice for a future potential fan favourite in Quincy Acy. It is always great to catch up with one of the favourites of fans to this day. It is always a great pleasure for us to talk with one of the true "good guys," that is part of the Raptors history and has remained a loyal supporter of the organization, the city and the country of Canada as a whole.

Jerome Williams gave us a little news that he will be on hand for the Raptors home opener at the end of the month. So break out your JYD costume for Halloween and go see the real deal as the Raptors take on the Pacers to open the season at the ACC.

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