Raptors Drop One In Mowtown In The Jonas Debut

Demar DeRozan missed the memo this was suppose to be the Jonas coming out party. He was on fire early in this one driving to the net like a mad man. He had all the Raptors points but their defense was leaking badly and they found themselves in a 14-6 hole early. All those DeRozan points came at the line and the Raptors have gone over 4 minutes without a field goal or a Jonas sighting as they were 0-6 from the field. Casey pre-season or not, called for a much needed time out.

After the time out two things, Bargnani made a field goal and oh yeah that Jonas fellow is on the floor. Jonas would get a block early on Monroe. Raptors could use that no doubt but the problem was points Terrence Ross the invisible rookie for tonight with the three ball would help in that department.

This was summer league like with a lot of sloppy play more so by the Raptors and defense not a strong priority for either side with the score 29-20 Pistons with still over two minutes to play in the first.  I Am not sure if it is too early to be concerned about this but the Raptors gave up 37 points to the Pistons in the first quarter. Playoff teams don’t do that against the Pistons.

Raise your hand if you were saying while reading this I bet Allan Anderson will lead the Raptors comeback. Nobody put up their hand did they? But that is what was happening with some nice and rare defense and a couple of long bombs. However it was short lived as the Pistons had a 48-36 lead with still 6:38 left to play in the half. Jonas came back in and got his first NBA hoop…Not officially as it is pre-season but whatever. Got his second block as well and Demar had a dunk… The Raptors found themselves back within 5 points that is a dynamic goal achieved in NBA 2k13. Andrea Bargnani decided to join the party as well with 3 and it is a two point basketball game. Pistons were stuck on 50 but finally scored. That broke an 8-0 run by Toronto. Raptors made this a basketball game still trailing 56-53 but they decided to wake up on both ends of the floor.

Jonas starting the second half was not what you would have expected but that is why they play the game. He only played 9 minutes in the first half. No idea what the minutes cap for him is suppose to be? He tried to get his third block but instead got called for goaltending. Perhaps the biggest surprise is in 10 minutes of action he has just one foul which is tremendous news. He would leave still with just one foul and 13 minutes played, as this was remaining a close contest with DeRozan heading to the line making both to make it a 68-66 lead for Detroit.

A Calderon pull up jumper would tie the game at 70 causing Detroit to call a time out with the Raptors knocking on the door looking for their first lead of the night. Quincy Acy was seeing some action but the Raptors could not seem to crack the lead until John Lucas III fittingly hit a triple after all his name has a three in it, making the score 78-77 Raptors. John Lucas III was not done pulling off a rare pre-season or not 4 point play allowing the Raptors to get the lead back. Bynum hit a crazy buzzer better though to give Pistons the lead 86-84 after 3.

After further review the buzzer beater didn’t beat the buzzer so make it 84-83 Raptors after 3. This was a fun game Pre-season or not. Andre Drummond was having a nice night for the Pistons. 10 points and he was 5 of 6 from the field which makes sense cause he seemed to be dunking often. His latest finishing of an alley oop tying the game at 90. Raptors were not going with their best line-up down the stretch giving guys like Terrence Ross some floor time. He took advantage with a drive and score to tie this puppy up at 96.

People on media row in Detroit are likely just praying not for overtime. Actually both teams likely are as well. Still locked in a deadlock at 96 as Amir misses everything and it lead to a shot clock violation with three minutes and change to play. An offensive foul would give the Raptors the ball back and Kleiza the second most popular Lithuanian in this game gave the Raptors the lead.

Raptors would throw out Jose and DeRozan for the last few minutes. Amir Johnson got to the line on a Charlie V foul to give the Raptors a chance to take the lead with 1:08 to play. So sad watching Charlie V tonight it is hard to imagine this guy once poured in 48 points a Raptor Rookie Record that still stands against the Bucks once upon a time. Raps would get one of two at the line but had the ball only to have Amir commit his fifth foul on the offensive end. Bynum drew the defense and missed the shot but Drummond would clean up the trash and give the Pistons a 100-99 lead with 35 ticks left to play in regulation. Raptors missed and got an offensive board a fade away DeRozan shot caught no net and all air and Charlie V ironically would get the board and get fouled with 9.7 seconds left. He would split a pair giving the Raptors a chance to tie this thing and head to dreaded pre-season overtime. Calderon would do everyone a favour by attempting a three…he would miss it and Charlie V would get a second chance to ice this game with one tick left on the clock. He missed the first and than deliberately missed the second to kill off the one second left. Pistons take this one 101-99 with a re-match at the ACC on Friday.

Stat Lines of Note For Raptors:

Jonas: 13 mins 2 points 2 blks 1 Turnover

No one else mattered in this one right? Check the boxscore for everyone else.

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