Starting 5: Heads East To Training Camp W/ HHJ

Today we get a report on what is going on with the Raptors Training Camp from my friends on the East Coast 2/3 of the Hip Hoop Junkies, Sean Francois and Romy Aquino. They are getting the chance to cover camp for the first time just like I did years ago back in Ottawa. So we talk about what that experience is like for them. Then we get into what has been going on at training camp. Kyle Lowry and how he is handling with dealing with questions about the Raptors point guard situation. Some news on Jonas and what if anything he has been up too. Along with thoughts on Landry Fields and Ed Davis who the guys got a chance to talk with. Go check out their interviews with those guys and all the great stuff they have been doing on their website.

Great to hear from them and very happy for them to have this chance to cover the Raptor. Good guys that have worked hard and love basketball. I am actually happy for all the people on the out east that they will have a chance to check out the Raptors. That is something we who live it the Southern Ontario likely take for granted. The guys also talk with rookies Terrence Ross, Quincy Acy and others so go to their site for some great coverage of training camp.

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