Hi! I'm back again [dusts herself off from summer vacation]
So, home opener is coming up, I know for a fact that the dance pak has new gear, and the players will have new gear, so, I don't see why you shouldn't get new gear for yourselves! What you just witnessed is James and I trying on, well more me trying on some Raptors swag, and James holding the camera, and then me dancing, and then me dancing some more. This video was taken a little while ago, so the Raptors basketball selection was at a minimal. If you were to walk into Real Sports Apparel right this minute (well after you read this post, so maybe like 7.5 minutes) you will talk into some awesome new stuff. I'm here to give you some ideas. Unfortunately, the Real Sports website does not provide photos of their product, luckily for me, I have stylish friends. I'm a huge fan in mixing Arena wear (this being raptors jerseys/ t-shirts etc) with your everyday look. Ladies, you like high waisted jeans? I love the look of a high waisted blue jean with a red Raptors T tucked in. Heels or kicks would work. The more you incorporate the fan gear into your everyday style, the more you make the clothes look like your own. Fellas, coming straight from work? Easiest way to turn from working man to Raptors fan, is bring a pair of jeans, put on your Raptors T-shirt/ Jersey, and keep on that blazer. Chic, and ready for the ACC.
This is my stylish friend, Kat (@matterofKAT) -- I'm assuming most of you know who this lady is. I totally stole this picture from her Facebook page, hope she doesn't mind! I love how Kat incorporates Raptors colours into her wardrobe. This right here is a perfect example about how to make it your own! I'll be at the home opener this week, so i'll make sure to take a snap shop of my Raptors gear and tweet it! You can catch me on twitter here, @iCandiKaye! 
Ok, that's all for me!
xo -CK

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