Le Knicks de New York contre le Toronto Raptors

This blog will not be in French just thought we would do the title in French as the Raptors take on the Knicks in Montreal, Quebec.

We have talked at length about expectations in the build-up to this 2012-13 Raptors season. Most just hoping the Raptors can crack the playoffs as the high end expectation. I was up late last night and caught one of those NBA-TV real training camps fittingly enough on the New York Knicks. Their goal as a team is to win the Atlantic Division. You might chuckle at that suggestion, I know I did. But that is New York for you where expectations tend to inflate.

The other thing that was made clear is how old the Knicks were which sounds like a punch line for a joke. The Knicks are so old that Marcus Camby is back. Oh wait a second that is true. Jason Kidd is back as well and celebrated his new contract to the point of getting charged with a DUI. Linsanity has left the building for the Geritol Follies.

All of that said the Raptors are taking a step up in competition tonight taking on the Knicks in Montreal.  Andrea Bargnani is expected to play which shows that concerns over his injury from that last game can’t be very high. It was just a bruise after all. Will be interesting to see how Kyle Lowry does in his second outing at point guard. I would suspect things go a little better despite a step up in competition against Felton and Kidd.

Tyson Chandler and Amare Stoudamire will be an impressive twosome that has the size to match-up with Jonas and Andrea. This is a team the Raptors will see four times in the regular season as a division rival and as such this game might not feature everything the other has to offer. If the Raptors are to have any path to the post-season they must find ways to beat their Atlantic Division foes like the Knicks.

It is great to hear that once again they have a sell-out crowd at the Bell Centre for this one. Not all of those will be Raptor fans mind you as the Knicks have their own fan base in Montreal. But based on past history in this venue the Raptors will have the majority of the crowd and it will be an excellent environment and have a regular season feel to it all.

Montreal is a market that I have done Radio on for close to four years on two stations there. They do have a basketball culture and they do have a passion for the sport. It like in Toronto is never going to be more than it is for the Habs in hockey. However last we checked the Habs are not playing hockey and Montreal has a chance to have basketball front and center.

I really wanted to attend this game live but just couldn’t justify the expense of the trip for one night in Montreal. I have been to the city before though and it is a great place to visit for all of the obvious reasons. So maybe it is good thing I will not be there and focused on my task of watching the Raptors take on the Knicks.

Allons Raptors. Battez la Roche which means in English: Let’s Go Raptors. Pound The Rock.

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