Raptors Get A Win With Some Help From Surprising Places

Is it bad that we have an injury report to do prior to the first pre-season game? Yeah it probably is. None the less my theory that Kyle Lowry’s leg injury might have been an excuse to allow Jose Calderon to start vs. Real Madrid got turned into Swiss cheese today.

Lowry is expected to be out for at least a week. Raptors had a release prior tonight’s exhibition game. Here is the short but sweet injury update on Lowry.

“Raptors guard Kyle Lowry will undergo therapy and rehabilitation for a strained adductor muscle he sustained in his left leg during training camp last week in Halifax.
There is no timetable for his return to full basketball activity and he is not expected to participate in preseason games scheduled for this week.”

Jonas meanwhile has no set time table to return but it seems he is being allowed to do more and more each day from various reports. The Sooner, the better as far as that is concerned, if you are one of the people hoping for a significant impact from the Raptor’s rookie early on.

Let’s start by talking about Terrance Ross the rookie that was playing tonight. I feel somewhat bad that I suggested in the Bleacher Report that he might be rated to high in NBA 2K13. While this was no video game it was not NBA opposition either. Still much like his Summer League debut he looked good in front of the crowd at the ACC for the first time. He had 10 points going 4-8 shooting and 2 for 3 from the three point line. He looked nice.

John Lucas III for a moment looked like he might be the starting point guard by default. Already with no Lowry we saw Jose Calderon turn his ankle and you thought the worst. But Jose will not die or just go away. In fact he still won’t guard anyone much either. Facts Lucas is likely all aware of being close friends with T.J Ford. He had a Ford like night with 16 points and a couple of assists with three turnovers.

Jose had 9 points and 8 assists with just one turnover but when he was on the floor the Raptors leads in this game would fade away. Is it an accident or an advertisement as to why we traded for Kyle Lowry? Those who love Jose will point to his guts for playing through an injury in a pre-season game. Guts it may well be it also might be stupidity given the situation with Lowry already out. Jose just refuses to die though and that might be the only thing his detractors and supporters agree on. It is just we define it in different ways. No one go crazy when I say will not die it is a metaphor not a literal statement.

Amir Johnson said at media day he welcomes competition. Tonight he made a loud statement that he in fact does. He had a game that said loudly that he wants minutes and a spot in the rotation. He had 12 points, 6 rebounds and even 3 dimes for the big man. His main competition for those minutes is Ed Davis who did not make a shot from the field and had just 3 points but did get on the glass with 10 boards.

As for Bargnani and DeRozan it was a better night for the kid from California. He had 18 points to lead the Raptors with 3 steals shooting 6-13 on the night and 6 rebounds a nice overall effort. Andrea was 5-16 and really had a rough night at the office despite scoring 14 points and yes rebounding is still a problem with just 4 rebounds in 30 minutes of action.

Oh and for the record not that it means much the Raptors did get the win 102-95 getting revenge for a 104-103 to this squad back in 2007 in Spain. Raptors will have a home and home with the Pistons coming up for their next two games. I will be in the house at the ACC for the second one of that epic pre-season twosome.

It was nice seeing the same old folks tweeting the same old things. The season is back and it feels good. Even if, I will have to stay up late to watch Monday Night Raw for my wrestling fix.

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