2-3-2 format and CB4

Just a quick Raptors note off the Top. Chris Bosh is scheduled to be a guest on Hoops on the Fan 590. He is said to be coming on @ 7:20pm. Show gets rolling with Eric and Paul at 7pm. It will be interesting to hear what Chris has to say and what the guys ask him. He has been out and about of late. Signed his deal with Warner and his new Iphone App. Also so a live feed of him picking the draw for a horse race. However the only thing that matters to Raptors fans ultimately is his future in Toronto. I will say this much and it may not mean much. But if you are out making deals and being out in the community it makes sense that Bosh does not hate Toronto in any way shape or form. If it works out that he is not with the Raptors at some point it will be about basketball and economics and not anything else.

Here is some proof to the point in the Star:

Bosh Talks about Future

While I am writing this I was in the Ball Don't Lie basketball chat this afternoon. I mentioned the topic of the 2-3-2 format for the Finals. It is done mostly for the media and the extra coverage and attention that comes with the finals. But honestly from the pure basketball point of view it changes things. I am not a fan. It is like change the rules of a game in middle of the game. If David Stern declared the Finals will only have 10 minutes quarters in the finals would people just accept that? In a sense the 2-3-2 format changes the entire context and approach of a series. How hard is it for the team that has to play 3 straight games at home. What are the odds on them getting 3 wins in a row. On the other side of thing if the favourite that hosts game 1 and 2 loses they face the tough challenge of 3 straight road games. to top in off if the team heading on the road for game 6 is down 3-2 they are likely dead as a door nail.

Media or not 2-2-1-1-1 is the way the playoffs go for the first 3 rounds. If that is the format it should not change at the end of the line. If you want to make 2-3-2 the way it is do it from the start or don't do it at all.

Just had to get that off my brain. So I feel better. If you have thoughts on CB4 or the 2-3-2 format. Give a shout in the comments. Always enjoy hearing from you folks. If a comment is to much effort give your thoughts on the Finals and who wins in how many games in our new poll on the right. For shorter chats follow me on Twitter @dinonationblog

With that enjoy Game 1 of the Finals.

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