Starting 5 with Justin Walsh From Slam Magazine

Today's guest has been covering basketball since the age of 17. He is now a contributing writer and on the editorial staff at Slam as well as a senior writer for Ball Is Life. I can not recall what I was doing at 17, but aside from playing high school football and partying...not much. I was not covering basketball I know that much. In his work Justin has always been doing a lot of working in scouting and evaluating talent. How I got to know him was in my work livebloging for The Score. Not knowing his background I was like who is this guy and how does he know so much? I to say the least was impressed. So much so that I found out his background and got in touch with him to come talk some ball here in the Dino Nation Blog. Given his background and the upcoming draft it seemed a logical time to have him as a guest. We talk about a number of the guys in this draft class starting at the top with Blake Griffin. Justin is not exactly on the Griffin bandwagon and He tells us why. Along with his thoughts on some of the Raptors options and give his take on why Demar Derozan may not be coming to workout with the Raps. That and a ton more of interesting stuff.

I hope you were as impressed with that interview as I was. Justin was great to talk with and I will be having him back in the future for sure. I thank him for his time and look forward to having him back in the Dino Nation Blog in the future. I do my best to find interesting and knowledgeable people to come talk with us in the Dino Nation Blog and Justin does indeed fit that bill.

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