Matt Devlin Post Draft In The Starting 5

It is just days away from Matt Devlin's 1st year with the Toronto Raptors. I have had the great pleasure to have him as a guest many times over that year. He is always willing to come on and talk with me here at the Dino Nation Blog and I am always happy to have him. I was hard at work on the Score.com and Matt was working just as hard at the ACC covering last night's NBA Draft. We talk about the newest Raptor Demar DeRozan selected at # 9 last night in NYC. We also talk about all the trades that went down in the last 48 hours or so. Along with some thoughts on Chris Bosh and Shawn Marion and their future with the Raptors. Matt Devlin was on route to the ACC for the Demar DeRozan press conference so he was on a cell so there is the odd issue audio wise. But it should not take away with your enjoyment of this interview hopefully. So with that said here is yours truly along with the T.V play by play voice of the Raptors Matt Devlin.

It is always great talking with Matt. I am not sure if I agree with him on the V.C Trade to Orlando. Here is my take on that over at The Hoop Doctors Website . Also as I am watching the press conference with Demar while posting this the talk of comparisons to Vince Carter were down played by both Colangelo and DeRozan. Demar also had much love to say about the city of Toronto really shooting down the stories that he may not have been happy coming here that surfaced in the build up to the draft. He also shot these down when he came to workout in Toronto. In closing I want to thank Matt once again and be probably the first to wish him a happy anniversary with the Raptors. He is always a welcome guest here at Dino Nation Blog.

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