Jack Armstrong Coaching Us On NBA Draft 101

It has been a busy day. After talking with Chuck Swirsky, I talked with Jack Armstrong after he did is show on the Fan 590. Jack and I talk mostly about the upcoming NBA draft from a Raptor perspective. But along the way Jack comments on a number of the current Raptors and how it relates to the draft. Jack still does cover the NCAA along with his Raptor duties. I remember on a Saturday during the Raptors season Jack had mentioned he was doing a broadcast of Louisville and Cincy. In my job live blogging I have an extended sports package and was excited to learn I could see that game. Living here in Canada and not getting ESPN, unless it is picked up by one of our major networks, I had never seen Jack call an NCAA game. I had always wanted to because he use to do such a great job at covering the NCAA Tournament on T.V here in Canada in Studio for Sportsnet. Jack did the same solid job he does on Raptor broadcasts in covering that game. Jack of course is a former coach in the NCAA. So as much as most now after 11 years people think of Jack in terms of the Raptors. He still is very much on top of the NCAA game. In talking with Jack I can't tell you how many times he refers to the many coaches he has known over the years. So who better to get us up to speed on the NBA Draft.

It is always great to talk with Jack and I have really been honoured to have him as a regular guest in the Dino Nation Blog. Whenever Jack has the time to share with me for the Dino Nation Blog I am happy to have him

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