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No this blog is not about the latest puppet ad by Nike. But if you have not checked it out here it is:

The blog is brought to you by the letter D as in Delfino. Bryan Colangelo dating back to February of this season has dropped hints that Carlos Delfino would be returning to the Raptors. He pointed out that the Raptors do indeed hold his rights as a restricted free agent. Yesterday the Raptors made a qualifying offer to make sure that they keep those rights. It is the first step to be taken in what should be the return to the Raptors if all goes well. Delfino is a big fan of Jay Triano and a joke he made back at the Olympics has become the reality. Many of you have likely heard this, but for those who have not I will repeat it. Delfino was said to have joked with Triano that he would return to the Raptors when he was the head coach. No one could have imagined at the time that (A) Sam Mitchell would be fired and (B) Triano would end up as his replacement.

I never disliked Delfino and think he was decent in his time with the Raptors as short as it was. I have thought in being away for a year people have tended to over blow exactly what he was. I will fully admit that I did not keep up with his progress playing in Russia. Delfino at least the one who left was a streaky shooter and a better than average defender. He can also play some point guard in a pinch and with all due respect to Anthony Parker do it better than him. Delfino would get to play some point when he suits up for Argentina so it is a much more regular occurrence for him. So at the end of the day if Delfino is back I have no problem with it. However I do not know how much of an impact he will have but it can't hurt.

D is also for Demar DeRozan. The day that just a few days ago some fans wondered if it would happen at all is now here or at least expected to be. Derozan is scheduled to work out for the Raptors today. There has been a firestorm of opinion about why Demar was holding out on working out for the Raptors. Some go to the old standard that he has no desire to play in Canada. Others have said that it was nothing to do with Canada and everything to do with where the Raptors we picking. DeRozan has a belief like many mock drafts that he will not be there when the Raptors select at #9.

If he does in fact workout today maybe the record can be set straight. Derozan prior to all of this had been the choice of the people when it comes to Raptor fans and who they want to select. You can vote in our new poll on the right by the way. But we will see come draft night what happens in regards to DeRozan. It is clear he has lost some juice in terms of being fan favourite to Jonny Flynn who when he rolled through and since as said he would be very happy to wind up a Raptor at the end of draft night. The Niagara Falls, New York native said he lives so close to Canada that it would be just fine with him to end up in Canada as it is familiar to him living in a town on the border. USC is a long way a long way from Toronto and bet they don't see much snow.

One of the most famous stories in Raptor history is when JYD traded from the Pistons to the Raptors jumped in his truck and drove through a snow storm to get to Toronto. It made him an instant fan favourite. Speaking of which the newest Raptor Reggie Evans who is expected to bring some "D" to the Raptors was in town. I heard his interview on the fan 590 on the Game Plan and if you follow my Twitter (@dinonationblog) you already know that I am jacked up. Reggie said all the right things and finally we have a guy to fill that long lost role of Charles Oakley. In a blog I wrote just after the trade I still believe. Toughness has returned to T-Dot. No longer will the Raptors just sit back and turn the other cheek. Al Horford, Anthony Johnson and anyone else that wants to take cheap shots at Raptors beware.

Oh and last but not least a reminder that the "D"raft is coming up fast on June 25th. So I hope you all enjoyed today's blog brought to you by the letter D. You know like "D"ino Blogger or "D"ino Nation Blog.

Update 3:25pm- Demar DeRozan work out in T.O

The very talented Holly MacKenzie was at the draft workout that feature the much talked about Demar DeRozan. It seems Demar has a much different view of Toronto than some have been suggesting. Check it out through the talented and skilled words by Holly on Court Surfing Blog

Update 2 3:58- DeRozan 1 on 1 Raps.com

Video of 1 on 1 with Demar DeRozan

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  1. Loved the Reggie Evans deal for you guys. I was hoping the Nets could swing a deal for him. The Raptors and Nets both have that toughness question mark.