Ring It Up From Chicago...Chuck Swirsky Back In DNB

I was sitting back last week and with the rookies were being put through their paces at the combine in Chicago. I had noticed on Twitter that Chuck was their talking with the various players. So I fired off an e-mail to Chuck and asked him if he would come on the Dino Nation Blog and talk about the draft prospects as well as some NBA and Bulls and Raptors. Chuck has been a guest of mine on the radio in the past back when I was working on a college station back in 2000. He appeared on the basketball segment the Round Ball Review. That is now the name of my animated feature I do in the blog. But back then it was a basketball segment on a sports talk show. I reached out to Chuck and had him as a guest prior to his first game back in Toronto. That was his debut here in the Dino Nation Blog and this is his second appearance. We had a great conversation that covers everything from the Draft to what he thinks might happen with Chris Bosh. Since we last talked Chuck even has had the chance to meet President Obama. He gives his thoughts about that once in a lifetime experience for a lot of people. That and a lot more.

Thanks to Chuck for taking the time to talk with the Dino Nation Blog. I know many Raptor fans still miss Chuck and some always will. I have always said what a great person he is and you would be hard pressed to find a better person in this world. You can't pay a bigger complement to someone then that. I am glad to have had the chance to have talked with him over the years.


  1. great interview!

  2. Thank You for having us listen to him again DMan.

  3. Chuck is a great guy as is written above. He has been kind enough to join me a few times. I admit at first it seemed like a strange idea from my perspective. I do after all have Matt as a guest as well. But every once in awhile to hear from Chuck is a good thing for me and hopefully most folks. Guy but in 10 great years with Raps during some challenging times to say the least.