The Big Bosh News is This.

Twitter and Facebook was all a buzz about a big announcement from CB4. Some were thinking it was basketball related but that made no sense given the way basketball works as far as time tables. Here is what it is all about.

Press Release:


Chris Bosh becomes world’s first athlete to release own application for iPhone and iPod touch

Chris Bosh, NBA All-Star and six-year veteran of the Toronto Raptors, has entered into an agreement with Warner Music Canada to produce a unique DVD and CD to be released in the fall of 2009. Chris Bosh is also thrilled to announce that he has become the first athlete in the world to launch his own application for iPhone and iPod touch on the Apple App Store.

The material on the as-yet-untitled DVD will be based on the original comedic characters Bosh has developed over the past two years in a series of hilarious video clips posted on the internet. The DVD program will also include a tour of Chris’ life in Dallas (giving fans an insider look at the path that brought him to NBA stardom). The DVD will be executive produced by Max Deal Technologies President Hadi Teherany and Chris Bosh.

“This is exciting,” says Bosh. “Teaming up with Warner to produce my very own CD and DVD, as well as being the first athlete with their very own iPhone and iPod touch application, are just two more ways for fans to get to know me off the court. Entertaining my fans through the use of technology allows me to continue to try and pioneer the digital space for athletes across the world!”

The Chris Bosh branded CD will be a compilation of some of his favourite music along with new recordings from emerging artists. In a unique move, Chris is giving new, unsigned artists a chance to submit material for consideration on the compilation. Artists can submit their music through an interactive form on www.chris-bosh.com .

“Chris Bosh is obviously talented on and off the basketball court,” says Steve Kane, President, Warner Music Canada . “We know that nothing like this has ever been tried before with an athlete but we have followed Chris’ incredible viral success with his videos online and we are very excited about the possibilities of this new partnership.”

The ground-breaking Chris Bosh app for iPhone and iPod touch was created with OneMethod Inc. Digital + Design. It allows fans to keep track of Chris’ Twitter feed, watch his latest videos as soon as they’re posted, view his latest photos and keep track of updated game stats throughout the NBA season.

Download Chris Bosh app here:


The announcement of his partnership with Warner Music Canada and the launch of the Chris Bosh iPhone and iPod touch app are the latest in a series of “first of its kind” for Chris Bosh.

Bosh has long professed to be a tech geek and his multi-platform profile led to ESPN The Magazine voting him “The Most Viral Athlete in the World.”

Chris was also an early adopter on Facebook and Twitter, regularly communicating with his fans and posting links to his latest videos. His company, Max Deal Technologies, provides digital marketing solutions for a number of business partners.

Bosh has long had a passion for film making and acting, and has been producing short videos ever since his high school days in his hometown of Dallas , Texas . Over the past two years he has posted more than 80 original videos which have received more than 4 million views on youtube alone. In the winter of 2007-08, he created a media frenzy with the release of his Used Car Salesman pitch soliciting fans to vote him on to the NBA Eastern All-Star Team. The video ended up on broadcast TV around the world, landed Chris on the pages of the Wall Street Journal and won him a guest spot on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno as the show’s roving reporter from the 2008 NBA Finals.

More details of the Chris Bosh DVD and a forthcoming Chris Bosh branded compilation album will be released in the coming months.

So that is the deal and now you know. I am thinking some expected something more but hey good to see CB4 doing his thing off the floor.

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