Friday Fav 5

I thought I would start a new feature for Friday's. On Twitter they Follow Friday. Here at the Dino Nation Blog we will have Fav 5 Fridays. Mine is not sponsored by a wireless company. It also may have nothing to do with basketball. But today's will. Given that is the finals. Why not go with my fav 5 finals series of all time. So drum roll please.....

#5- 1987-88- Pistons and Lakers- The L.A Lakers take on the Bad Boy Pistons in a 7 game classic. Dennis Rodman looked normal. James Worthy was the series M.V.P and it was the base for the Pistons winning the back to back titles in the next 2 seasons. In a playoffs that we lost Chuck Daly fitting to have his Bad Boy Pistons on the list. A little James Worthy please...

#4- 1982-83- Sixers and Lakers- Dr.J and Moses Malone were able to get by the Lakers in a shocking sweep. It was a the maker of one of the highlights on the all-time highlight reel where Dr.J undressed the Lakers. That Highlight is in this mix of Dr.J hi-lights. He was my favourite player as a kid.

#3- 1990-91- Bulls and Lakers- Jordan breaks through and gets his first ring. Many saw it as a passing of the mantle of best player in the game from Magic to Micheal but when you think of this series I think only 2 things stick out in the 4-1 series win for the Bulls. After the win Jordan holding the trophy and crying and this...

#2- 1999-2000- Lakers vs Pacers- Shaq and Kobe in happier times they win their first title over a game Pacers team that took them to 6 games. It was the start of what was suppose to be one of the greatest duos in NBA History. They would go on to win 2 more together and than it was all over. But here is what it looked like after #1

#1- 1983-1984- Lakers and Celtics- This was an old school 7 game war and a series that would define the 80's. Larry Bird was the M.V.P and he would get the upper hand on Magic Johnson who back in College got the better of Bird as he lead MSU past Indiana State. Kurt Rambis, Dennis Johnson, Micheal Cooper, Robert Parish,Kareem, McCale and on and on. It is a list of NBA legendary names on legendary teams. This is the series that made basketball in the 80's. This was the finish.

The one thing all of these have in common is the Lakers. After last night it seems doubtful that a Magic and Lakers Finals is going to get on the list. But there is something about when the Lakers are in a Finals that creates special moments that last a life time. Beat L.A is something that has gone on for decades and it is proof that the Lakers are something that make it special. 29 other teams in the NBA may want to Beat L.A and maybe that says it all.

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