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The Dino Nation Blog is mostly about the Toronto Raptors. But it is also about building the sport of basketball in Canada. That starts with the kids. I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I coached youth basketball here in Hamilton. I coached kids age 6-13 in a local house league at Blessed Sacrament where I attended grade school and played in the program myself. I think a lot can be gained by kids playing basketball beyond just a love of the sport.

I became aware of a program called "Smart Baller" that is a camp for kids (in Toronto Area) that helps not just learn basketball but academics as well. It is all for a reasonable price @ 20 dollars per session. Here are some details:

Session 1- July 6th to 17th

On court skills- dribbling, passing and shooting

In classroom- reading, writing, public speaking and life skills

Session 2- July 27th-31st

On court skills- Shooting camp ( All Levels and All Positions

In classroom- Math, number puzzles

Session 3- August 4-14th

On court skills- 2-person, 3-person and 4- person offensive play.

In classroom- Literacy, sports writing, Blogging

Session 4- August 17th-21st

On court skills- Offensive and defensive team play

In classroom- Reading, puzzles and Nutrition

I had a chance to talk with Jon Steinberg who runs this program and talk with him about it. Have a listen to our interview.

The program is run out of Earl Grey Senior Public School 100 Strathcona Ave. Earl Grey is located in Toronto, easily accessible by TTC @ Pape subway station. Here is a map to help you find the location. I think this is a good idea and if you have kids and are interest in the program for your kids check out the Smart Baller Website. So as I joked with Jon at the end of the interview who knows maybe your kid will be a Raptor someday. But more realistically perhaps it will inspire your child to want to learn, and love basketball and that is a great thing.

I am doing this blog just based on my belief that it was something worthwhile to do. I personally am not making one red cent. Anything I can do to help grow the game I am willing to do. I have known Jon casually through a shared love of basketball and the Raptors. I felt what he is doing is worthwhile and worth letting people know about. I felt it was something that I should make people aware of. Also this is in no way connected to The Score and is something I am doing on behalf of the Dino Nation Blog.

I take pride in this blog being something that young people can read. I do not have any kids of my own but care deeply about children and this is something that can help kids learn. Anything any of us can do for kids from Chris Bosh to a blogger like myself is a great thing. I saw this as something that if I had a child it would be something I would consider for them. So hopeful if you have a child or are a youngster ( with your mom or dad )it is something you will consider as well. Thanks to Jon for taking the time to come talk about his program here in the Dino Nation Blog.

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