Dino Blogger On Score.Com Draft Night

Just a short announcement. I told you that I was going to be somewhere on draft night online. Well I can now confirm that I will be doing NBA Draft Live Blog on The Score.com . Come Join myself, Scott Carefoot of Raptorblog and The Score along with Tweets from at the draft in NYC from Holly Mackenzie From The Score Court Surfing Blog and Slam. I can't think of 2 better people to hang out with on Draft night. That is aside from all of you the loyal readers of the Dino Nation Blog. We hope to give you all the info and fun you need for to make your draft night a fun one. Based on what has gone on the last few days the NBA teams are doing their part to make it exciting.

So the fun gets started @7pm est.

Go to http://liveblogs.thescore.com

I will have a direct link to the blog tomorrow and post it here and on my Twitter account @dinonationblog

So I am going to be busy getting prepared to be a good host. I am going to be there till the last pick is made. So feel free to come join me and make the Dino Blogger part of your draft night. Bring your opinions and excitement and let's have on heck of an online draft party.

If you have any draft comments or questions leave a comment here and as I am working on my draft prep I will chime in with an opinion or answer.

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