Lakers Are Defending Champs...Let Off-Season Begin

So the L.A Lakers have won the NBA finals in 5 games over the Orlando Magic. Kobe Bryant has his Championship on his own with no Shaq. Who may be going to team up with Lebron in Cleveland? Oh yes the season of rumours and nonsense is here. Chris Bosh will be front and center in all of the nonsense that is the NBA off-season. Some love the rumours and all the talk and buzz. I personally am not a fan of it. If I could hit a fast forward button to the Draft and then to next season I would. Trevor Ariza on the now Championship Lakers would be a dream catch for the Raptors in the off-season if you ask me. Rumours have already started that Toronto may be a landing spot for Hedo Turkoglu. This is just scratching the surface of the many rumours that most of which will never come through. ESPN actually makes money off the Rumour mill having folks pay cash to be ESPN Insiders. I will pass and save my money.

I want to say just a few thoughts on NBA Finals.

Kobe deserved this title and anyone that thinks otherwise was not watching how hard this guy was pushing and how bad he wanted this.

Phil Jackson may have ten rings but I still think Red Aeurbach is the best there was and likely will ever be. Congrats to Phil on the accomplishment and that hat with the X reminded me of a younger Spike Lee rocking a Malcolm X hat. But 10 titles is impressive. It takes talent to manage star players and not everyone can do that.

Magic deserve respect. I hear people saying what an awful Finals this was. I could not disagree more. You had 2 games go to Overtime and the Magic showed that a bounce here or a bounce there and they could have made this a much different series. They will learn and hopefully grow from this experience.

SVG is a good coach too. He may not be a Zen Master in his life but Stan Van Gundy did a hell of a coaching job to get his team to this point. SVG deserves respect for all he has done.

Orlando has a Jose and T.J situation to deal with. Hopefully they handle it better than we did in Toronto. Rafer and Jameer can make a great 1-2 punch if everyone let's it happen. Question will be will they?

This series made Trevor Ariza a very rich young man no matter where he signs.

That is my quick take on things post finals. I am sure with a night's sleep I will have more thoughts tomorrow.

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