Starting 5 with Ryan McNeill Of Hoops Addict

Today our guest on the starting 5 is Ryan McNeill of Hoops Addict. Ryan gets a chance to cover the workouts for the Raptors so I thought that was a good enough excuse to invite him to be a guest. He was on hand to watch Ty Lawson, Earl Clark and others do there thing for the Raptors. Here is some links to the scrums of a number of folks from today at the Raptor workouts. Alvin Williams talks about his new role with the Raps. That was made official today that Alvin is joining the staff. It is great to have "Boogie" Williams back in town and part of the Raptors Organization once again. Check out the links to the scrum from today from over on Hoops Addict site.

Alvin Williams from Today
Ty Lawson from Today
Earl Clark from Today

I had a chance to chat with Ryan for his thoughts and impressions on the day that was. He also give his take on the Raptors recent trade and some thoughts on CB4 and his future.

Ryan also has exclusive interviews with Austin Daye, Derrick Brown and James Johnson. All of which Ryan mentioned in our interview. Thanks to Ryan for his time and being a guest with us here on the Dino Nation Blog. Hope to have him back in the future as a guest.

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