NBA Consensus Mock Draft

This is not going to be a long post. But I noticed on NBA.Com they came out with the Consensus Picks from 12 of the Major Mock Drafts. So here they are the most common picks at the various positions. Also note this is as of June 17th.

1.LACBlake Griffin (12)

2.MEMHasheem Thabeet (6)

3.OKCHasheem Thabeet, Ricky Rubio (5)

4.SACRicky Rubio (3)

5.WASJames Harden (6)

6.MINTyreke Evans (3)

7.GSWTyreke Evans (4)

8.NYKStephen Curry (4)
9.TORDemar DeRozan (8)
10.MILJonny Flynn (5)
11.NJNDeJuan Blair (5)
12.CHAGerald Henderson (4)
13.INDJonny Flynn (3)
14.PHXEarl Clark (3)

The number in (-) is the number of Mock Drafts that had him in that position. You will note that Demar DeRozan other than Blake Griffin has toe most drafts having him head to Toronto( 8 out 12 ). Here is the Consensus picks based on a point system with the number pick getting 14 points and the 14th pick getting 1.
1- Blake Griffin (Oaklahoma)

2- Ricky Rubio (Spain)

3- Hasheem Thabeet (UConn)

4- James Harden (Arizona St)

5- Jordan Hill ( Arizona )

6- Tyreke Evans (Memphis)

7- Demar DeRozan (USC)

8- Stephen Curry (Davidson)

9- Jrue Holiday (UCLA)

10- Brandon Jennings (Roma-Italy)

11- Jonny Flynn (Syracuse)

12- DeJaun Blair (Pitt)

13- Gerald Henderson (Duke)

14- Earl Clark (Louisville)

Also I wanted to include the Mock Draft from the guys as The Hoops Doctors.

Hoops Doctors Mock Draft

Here is a link to the NBA.Com Mock Draft article where this info came from. Just some more info and opinions to consider prior to Thursday.


  1. Ricky Rubio will never wear the Memphis jersey.

  2. That list is based on a points system and not reality I agree if Memphis is the 2nd pick Rubio is not getting picked unless a trade has been made.