Expectations Could Exceed What B.C Can Do?

Bryan Colangelo has a nice life. A great job that pays well it is hard to feel sorry for him in a lot of ways. Still as I look to July 1st and everything getting rolling I kind of do feel sorry for him. All the big trades that happened out of the draft has only amped up the pressure on Bryan Colangelo. I think people expect him to make some kind of big splash that just is not possible. True the Raptors are only one of 5 teams with money to spend. The others being Memphis, Detroit, Atlanta and Oklahoma City.The one name that seems to get talked about the most, in terms of the Raptors is Hedo Turkoglu. It is said he wants 5 years @ 10 million a season. In an economy such as it is no way, no how, would I pay Hedo 10 million bucks and no chance in hell I am giving him 5 years. Both the years and the dollars are far to much for me.

The Orlando Magic where Hedo has come from have been able to over pay for both Lewis and Pietrus and make it work. But times are changing and with a new CBA on the horizon and an economy that suggests the cap number will drop not just this year but likely next as well. It says to me that teams need to think long and hard about the choices they make this year. There is also the 2010 free agent class to consider as well. The talent pool in that free agent class, promises to be one of the best ever. Bottom line if you sign Hedo to the deal he is looking for I think it is a mistake and one the team would benefit from in the short run but pay for in long run. Short term thinking is not going to fix this team.

Colangelo did say that based on all of his options he has 4 plans already in place for the offseason. I would imagine that 2 are tied to Shawn Marion. The plan if you are able to re-sign Shawn. Which Colangelo has seemed more confident about that than I would be. That being said B.C knows a lot more about what Marion might do than me. I still see it as doubtful in my mind. However Colangelo has said if he does not sign they can explore sign and trade options. That is something I do see as highly likely. Given the past relationship between Marion and Colangelo I could see Shawn being willing to help some what by being agreeable to a sign and trade.

I am sure there is a break in case of emergency Bosh trade plan. That being said my guess is it locked in a vault never to be seen unless absolutely necessary. I said on the radio in Montreal that I would be surprised if we do not see Bosh back for training camp in Toronto.

At the end of all of this Bryan Colangelo is trying to please his superstar and his fan base in the short term but he has to see the long term as well. Can Colangelo make the big splashes that everyone expects or hopes for? However more importantly can he do it in a responsible way that does not paint the Raptors into a corner that they will not be able to get out of. That is the real question that concerns me the most. As much as I want Chris Bosh to remain a Raptor. I do not want it to be done in a way that we make a ton of deals that make great sense in the short term and little to no sense in the long term.

Even though I am sure we have all had day dreams of wanting to be in Bryan Colangelo's shoes (nice as they would be ) and that we could fix all of this. Reality is that the answers are not simple and it is a tough job that Colangelo has with a lot of people with very different views and agendas looking at him for answers. I will just end this by wishing him luck cause I think he will need some to make everyone and happy. But more important position the Raptors to be better in both the short term and the long term.


  1. Good post. Completely agree James. Like Hedo's game a lot and its a good fit, but the contract would be difficult. Terrible to unload in a few years if you wanted to. Plus, even this year, you would likely renounce AP, Marion, etc and have to pick up 4 scrubs a la Will Solomon. Not worth it.

  2. Thanks Tom:

    I am guessing this is @Liston from Twitter. So with that said this comment makes up for trading me to the Clippers on draft day on Twitter. Thanks for the comment and please comment here any time mood strikes you.

  3. It was important to put the team ahead of yourself. Too bad the Clips rejected it - wanted Jake V thrown in and BC backed off.

  4. Uhmm...excuse me, but Pietrus is NOT overpayed, the guy was an integral piece of that team, and is a mid-level guy. had the raptors made a run at him instead of chasing O'Neal, this team would be in much better shape then it is now.

  5. I believe BC is right in his assertion that there are more free agents than money this year. It is likely Marion's back unless he makes it clear this isn't where he wants to be. But, like Hedo, no 5 year deals for big money please.


  6. Only guy I am over paying for would be Ariza. No long term and big bucks for Hedo is my view. Thanks for the comment Steve. Love when my hometown comes through in the comments.

  7. At the time of that signing many felt that Magic over paid for Pietrus and I would venture to say until him breaking through in the playoffs people still felt that way. Can't argue on the last point at all. But at the time many felt the O'Neal deal was going to be great for Raps.