C.B Looks For A Historic Night And A Win At The ACC

Chris Bosh is 15 points away from becoming the all time leading scorer in Raptor history and it should happen in the first home game of 2010. What the future is for CB4 has been much talked about but none of us know what will happen come the end of the year. Regardless of that he will go down in the history books as one of the best players in the history of this team if not the best. All of that being said it was poor efforts like last night that make you wonder if this team will be good enough for him to stay. The opposition is not joke in the Spurs. TIm Duncan for some reason will not start but is expected to play. No Hedo Turkoglu for the Raptors as he is out with a cold nothing to do with his bruised knee. Antonie Wright gets the start. Still no Jose although Raptors may have him back as soon as their next game in Orlando. 9,406 points for Bosh coming in and Vince Carter sits at 9.420. Getting the record should be the easy part the hard part is going to be the win as the Spurs come in winners of 5 straight. The Raptors have won 5 straight at home. So this will be a historic night but will it be a winning one? time to find out.

1st Quarter

Spurs win the tip and Bosh called for defensive 3 second call but Parker missed the tech. Spurs would also get called for 3 seconds of the offensive variety and turn it over. Parker would score on the next trip. Raptors would start 0-4 including a Bosh miss but Bargnani would get rebound and draw a foul and split a pair. Wright forces a shot a misses it and Spurs were off to an early 6-1 lead. Chris Bosh would get his first points on a dunk in transition. It would be first made field goal of the night. Bosh drops a dime for Andrea and he slams it down and Raps now down 6-5. Wright a drive and score and the Raptors on a 6-0 run take the lead but it was short lived as Parker drives and scores. DeRozan the drive and thrown down and he is fouled makes the and 1 and Raps on top 10-8. Jefferson the jumper for 2 ties it up. Bosh would answer and Raps lead 12-10.

Teams were trading buckets with Raps on the positive side leading 16-14. A Bosh jumper was not able to find the basket to extend the lead to 20-16. DeRozan would make that scoreline happen with a slam dunk and Bosh on the bench to check it out. Parker was getting anywhere he wanted on the floor and was fouled only made 1 of 2. Bargnani a long 2 and Raps lead was 22-17. Bargs did a nice job with a fake and drawing a foul on Theo Ratliff. Marcus Banks with a pretty reverse score that I did not realize was in his tool box. Raptors were looking solid and doing a decent job early on. Raptors held Spurs to just 37% shooting and lead 27-19 after one.

2nd Quarter

Marcus Banks makes a jumper and the lead is 10. Tim Duncan final mad an appearance and Bosh welcome him hitting a jumper on him. Raptors lead was 31-19. It boggles the mind that the same Raptors team that showed little life in Boston was playing like a different team on their home floor vs the Spurs who own teams under .500 on the season. Marcus Banks was driving and scoring and is 3 for 3 and I wonder if this is really happening. Raptors lead expanding to 35-19. Even Roger Mason jr. AKA Raptor Killer almost airballed a shot the barely scraped the rim.

The pace had slowed and Raptors needed to be careful as the way things were going that is what the Spurs needed. DeRozan missed an easy lay-up and the Spurs were on a 6-0 run and the lead was 10. Make that 8-0 and 4 straight points for Timmy!!! Jarrett Jack would end the run with a score plus an and 1 foul to make it 38-27. Jack would later go old school Georgia Tech on the Spurs with an Alley Opp to CB4. Jack would then take it to the west coast all the way to USC for another Alley Opp for the Highlight Reels. Bosh was closing in on breaking the record as he scored to reach 12 on the night. Just 3 from history. Andrea Bargnani dunks on Tim Duncan this was getting crazy. Raptors are making highlights and leading this game 48-32. Spurs would add 2 points but the Raptors with an impressive and bit shocking 48-34 lead.

3rd Quarter

Teams exchange misses to start the 2nd half. Both teams off to a sluggish start. Tony Parker would break the seal with a 3 ball and cut the lead to 11. Bosh would fumble a ball away in the paint and picked up a foul his 3rd. Antonie Wright would get back to back scores and the lead was back to 14 like it was at halftime 52-38 Raps. Jefferson would hit a jumper having a quite night to this point. Jarrett Jack with shot clock heading to 0 draws a foul on Tim Duncan and got to the line for 3 shots. He would hit all 3 and the Raptors lead 55-40.

No points yet for Bosh but getting on the glass and his latest board turns into 2 points for DeRozan in transition. Raptors were not shooting great but the Spurs were terrible. Raptors had a 15 point lead with the score 59-44. Raptor Killer Roger Mason Jr for 3....OH NO!!! Bosh would answer and tie V.C as all time leading score with a 2. Bosh would hit a jumper and down goes V.C and the Spurs were down 14 with the score 65-51 late in the 3rd. Banks again with that same little reverse lay-up and Raptors lead back to 14.They would end the quarter up a dozen with the score 67-55.

4th Quarter.

Now the history part was done could it be in a win for the Raptors? Raptors exploded out of the gate to a take a 72-57 lead capped off by an Amir Johnson Slam. Spurs would rattle off 5 straight to cut the lead to 10. Spurs would continue the run and Raps were coming a bit unglued another turnover making it back to back possession and a break in the action and it was needed for Toronto.

Bosh a huge block out of time out and it was needed. He goes to the other end and pads his lead on V.C with a jumper for 2. Raps were in a dog fight now as Richard Jefferson would make a pair at the line and the lead once that was 15 had been trimmed to 6. Bargnani hits a 3 and that blasted 3 point streak continues but the Raptors need it. Raptors were battling hard hanging on to a 77-70 lead and forget the 3 point streak I want Raps to remain undefeated holding teams under 100 on the year.

Jack, Belinelli, Wright and Bosh and Bargs on the floor for crunch time. Jack with a big basket to extend lead back to 9 at 81-72. This was getting to be a gritty game and Raptors were holding their own which in the past you would not have seen. Spurs cut even closer as Duncan scores and unlike the hard foul Bosh had put on Duncan earlier Bargnani allows Duncan to score and make the and 1....Raps lead 81-78. Jack and Parker trade baskets. Bosh a miss and Duncan the same then Bosh would make up for his miss with a score with 56 seconds left to make the lead 5....85-80 RAPTORS!!! Spurs go inside to Duncan and Bargnani fouls him again but this time Timmy can't make the shot and will shoot 2 at the line. Missed the first one and the second and Raps could ice this with a basket. Jack fires up a 3 but no. Bogans hits 3 with 12.4 seconds left and the lead was 2. Spurs foul Bosh but they had a foul to give. In to Bosh again and he is fouled and amazingly this is the first time Bosh has gone to the line tonight. Bosh makes the first and and the second the lead was 4 with 11.1 to go. Duncan gets a foul call on Bosh with 8.4 seconds left. Again he misses the first one and makes the second the lead is 3. Belinelli is fouled with 7 seconds left. He makes his first...lead is 4.....second as well and lead is 5 this game is likely over. Manu scores with just 3 seconds left and the lead was back to 3. Raps have to burn a couple time outs having a heck of a time trying to inbound the basketball. Wright fouled with 1.3 left on the clock. he just needs 1 and he gets it. makes the second and Raptors take it 91-86.

Chris Bosh is your new king and Raptors get a shocking win on their home court to make it 6 in a row at the ACC. Bosh had 22 points and 15 rebounds on route to going to the top of the Raptors record books. Raptors move to 13-0 when holding teams to under a hundred points and that is the streak I am jacked about.

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